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    • Young Entrepreneurs Southwark

      We are ABACEI, the Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute. We run educational programmes to promote social inclusion and skills-development of disadvantaged community members. One of the main activities that we teach at the Institute is the martial art Capoeira.

      We’d like your support with Young Entrepreneurs Southwark. This is a pioneering training programme using the arts and performing arts to give young people, who have been studying activities like Capoeira with us for several years, the opportunity to set up their own business.

      Some of the young people have been training with us for over five years and are becoming graduates,with certificates allowing them to teach.

      Funding will allow us to pay for venue hire and to run 100 hours of additional training sessions, which will cover the basics of starting a business, including the financial aspects, insurance, marketing and requirements when working with children and vulnerable people.

      On completion of their training, the participants will be fully equipped to start and run their own business and we will continue to support them throughout their first year of business.

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    Action West London

    • Skills for Enterprise and Business

      We are Action West London – a registered charity and social enterprise.

      We help disadvantaged individuals to improve their lives through ‘employment, education and enterprise’. The people we help include: refugees, lone parents, older people, women, young people, people with mental health difficulties, unemployed adults, ex-offenders and people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

      The project that we are asking for your support for, is our Skills for Enterprise and Business (SEB) pilot project. Receiving this funding will allow us to hire qualified and experienced staff to deliver enterprise, self-employment and financial capability training, and to support participants in business start-ups. Crucially, we will also be able to provide English language support for enterprise participants who require it. There will also be opportunities for practical experience at our successful Acton Market; as the project will act as a pilot, we hope to be able to replicate the lessons more widely in future.

      With your help, we will be able to train and directly support 84 people, and estimate that the project will positively impact 150 people in total.

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    Age UK East London

    • Financial Capability in Newham

      We are Age UK East London, an organisation working with older people and carers in the City, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham.

      We work with our service users in hospitals, communities and in their homes, helping them to retain choice over the direction of their lives, through connecting them to services, activities and others in their communities.

      We need your help with our Financial Capability in Newham project, aimed at those in the local area aged 50 and over.

      We want to provide the information, support and skills required to plan and manage finances effectively, including: maximising income, preparing financially for major life events and the ability to access choice and value for utilities and services.

      With your help, funding will allow us to reach 500 people aged 50-plus, to offer information and advice appointments to support financial capability and security – including retirement planning and benefits advice.

      We will also create a digital finance café to give older people the confidence to use the internet to compare and buy services, giving them choice and control over their finances in retirement.

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    Body & Soul

    • Focused Finance

      We are Body & Soul. We deliver a proven, transformational programme to support people of all ages, who have experienced an adverse childhood, to help them reach their potential.

      Set up in 1996 to help children and families living with HIV, we have since extended our service to reach an even wider group of people, including adopted children and young people, who have attempted suicide.

      We are looking for your support for our Focused Finance project, which is aimed at supporting adults living with HIV.

      Funding will allow us to provide group workshops, debt clinics and casework support to manage cases of extreme financial crisis, to support individuals to take control over their finances and to demonstrate increased financial capabilities.

      The project will offer this support to 300 people who are living with HIV, and will also ensure that our self-help centre can be effectively run by our volunteer staff. Specifically, this guarantees that we are able to provide a hot, nutritious meal and to cover the transport costs of everyone wishing to access help through the centre.

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    Business Launchpad

    • Bright Pathways

      We are Business Launchpad, and we want to create a better-equipped and connected young community (aged 16-30) in London.

      We focus on leadership and enterprise skills, and most of the young people we support go on to develop their own businesses. Our mission is to develop approaches that empower, support and encourage young people to fulfill their potential.

      We need your support for our Bright Pathways project, aimed at supporting NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people in South London to develop the skills they need to progress into employment or self-employment.

      Your support will allow us to take participants on a holistic, structured programme, consisting of business workshops, office space, small grants, employment opportunities and one-to-one business support and mentoring, that improves participants’ self-confidence and removes recognised barriers to enterprise.

      The project will benefit 25 participants directly, providing tailored support through the three stages of business development: planning, test-trading and growth. Finally, participants will become part of a wider enterprise support community, where they will gain leadership skills and start their own business and/or move into employment.

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    Citizens Advice Camden

    • Money Health

      We are Citizens Advice Camden, providing independent, confidential, free advice and information services to anyone facing problems. We also work to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.

      We provide advice in a number of settings, including two ‘open door’ offices, The Hive youth hub, GP surgeries and the Royal Free and Great Ormond Street Hospitals, as well as through our money advice team.

      The project that we want your support for, is Money Health – a financial wellbeing project.

      Funding will allow us to develop referral pathways to support and empower those in financial hardship, who may not otherwise access advice services. At the same time, we will also work to build long-term financial resilience and financial capability skills for the future, something which is becoming increasingly important with the impact of welfare reform.

      Over the year, we’ll support 50 local residents with household budgeting and financial capability advice: helping them to claim energy discounts or to use online comparison sites, for example. In addition, we’ll provide 40 local residents with more in-depth debt and money advice casework.

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    Future M.O.L.D.S Communities

    • Mentor Me

      We are Future M.O.L.D.S Communities, a service-user and volunteer-led organisation, providing free, tailor-made support services that respond directly to the needs of the communities that we serve.

      We would like your support for our Mentor Me project. This is a six-month mentoring programme for women and girls in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, who would like to develop their business or community project idea into a sustainable organisation.

      The aim of the project is to support the participants in their personal development to set up and run a business or community group, and we will also engage and train local women and girls to become mentors to sustain the mentoring programme in the long term.

      The majority of the funding will be used to cover the costs of the mentors to provide support to 20 participants, as well as covering the costs of training up to four new mentors. Funding will also go towards holding networking events and towards the lunch and travel costs of the volunteers involved. Finally, there will be a small contribution to organisational overheads.

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    IARS International Institute

    • PROMoting Youth Social Entrepreneurship

      We are the IARS International Institute. Recognised as one of the world’s leading user-led institutes, our remit covers youth, equalities and justice.

      We are looking for your support for our (PROMYSE) PROMoting Youth Social Entrepreneurship project.

      The project will develop an interactive, accredited e-course built around the principles of game theory to facilitate learning and enhance engagement. The e-course will be piloted to at least 100 young people, enabling them to become social entrepreneurs.

      Funding will also allow us to support 30 ‘social entrepreneurship ambassadors’, who will help to develop the course and to promote it through a series of targeted engagement campaigns. In addition, we will set up a coaching and support hub to serve as a centre of further support.

      As well as piloting the e-course with at least 100 marginalised future young entrepreneurs, we will also set up a local network of employers and reach over 5,000 relevant stakeholders nationally. Following PROMYSE’S evaluation by the Youth Advisory Board, we will use the learning to pursue further funding and the continuation of the e-course on a free basis.

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    Islington People's Rights

    • Financial Skills for Life

      We are Islington People’s Rights (IPR). We work in community settings throughout Islington, and are a leading provider of specialist debt and welfare benefits advice and casework.

      We have been operating since 1969, and our services are targeted at some of Islington’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged residents.

      We’d like your support with our IPR’s Financial Skills for Life project to allow us to deliver an in-depth financial education programme that is targeted at the most vulnerable individuals and groups in our community, helping them to increase their long-term money-management skills and financial awareness.

      Group and one-to-one training and support sessions will focus on budgeting, debt awareness, how credit works and planning ahead financially, and will benefit those at risk of becoming financially excluded due to poverty, mental illness, homelessness and other factors.

      Funding will allow us to employ a project worker, who will train 300 vulnerable local people, so that they can improve their current and future financial behaviour. They will also train local volunteers and our existing staff so that the good work can continue once the project ends.

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    Tree Shepherd

    • Southwark Thrive

      We are Tree Shepherd – a social enterprise that believes everyone has the right to the self-respect and wellbeing that comes from rewarding employment. We run popular and completely inclusive start-up training and business incubation programmes for people of all backgrounds.

      We need your support for our Southwark Thrive project – a start-up business incubation programme for Southwark residents, who are long-term unemployed, on benefits or in low-income households.

      The project will recruit residents experiencing social deprivation in Bermondsey Estates and support them to grow enterprises and to form a new, mutually supportive Southwark Enterprise Network.

      Funding will enable us to deliver this exciting project, which builds on the previous success of our Bermondsey enterprise training. It will support project management, administration, marketing and promotion costs.

      Funding will also cover the costs of recruiting enterprise advisors and organising weekly business clinics for residents, along with six major events for networking and trading, plus the foundation of an online directory.

      In total, the project will support 75 unemployed individuals, create 30 jobs (including 25 new enterprises) and over 100 people will attend

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    Urban Development

    • Industry Takeover

      We are Urban Development – a music-development charity with a vision to establish a centre of excellence in East London and an accessible, structured and sustainable progression pathway in popular/urban music for disadvantaged young people.

      Although the foundations of our organisation are undoubtedly philanthropic, we are also a “serious music industry player” (The Guardian 2012), encouraging the creativity of under-represented communities to break through more easily into the industry.

      We need your help to fund Industry Takeover – our flagship music-enterprise, employment and mentoring programme, targeting unemployed young people, BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities and young women.

      Funding will allow us to provide music-industry supported enterprise and careers seminars for 800 participants in some of the country’s poorest, most diverse boroughs. In addition, our new Music Business School strands will allow us to deliver accredited enterprise and employment training for 80 disadvantaged beneficiaries in total.

      Following this intensive training, the 80 beneficiaries will receive ongoing industry-supported mentoring, business incubation, and opportunities to receive seed funding, resulting in an anticipated 68 qualifications, 33 jobs and the creation of 12 new businesses.

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    West London Mission

    • Money Champions

      We are West London Mission (WLM) and we’ve been delivering social care services to improve the lives of some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in London for 130 years now.

      During that time, we have compassionately supported thousands of people through a time of crisis, many of whom are homeless, by providing emergency services such as hot, healthy food and shelter. We also work with our beneficiaries on a one-to-one basis to achieve long-term change both for them and for society.

      We would like your support for our Money Champions project, which will dovetail with existing WLM services.

      The project aims to improve the financial capability of the many vulnerable and hard-to-reach people that access WLM’s support every year. Through doing so, we hope to improve our clients’ ability to live independently and to avoid a return to homelessness, addiction and criminal activity once they have left WLM’s support.

      Funding will allow us to develop our staff to increase the financial resilience of 1,500 marginalised and vulnerable WLM clients with complex needs, improving their ability to live independently.

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    Age UK South Lakeland

    • Financially Fit for Later Life

      We are Age UK South Lakeland. Each year, we provide advice and support to over 7,000 local older people living in poverty, isolation or poor health. Our helpline is a friendly first point of contact and we provide in-depth support to those who need it.

      We need you to support our ‘Financially Fit for Later Life’ project. It responds to the fact that many older people struggle to manage their money, especially as more services move online. Over 80% of those we work with don’t use the Internet, can’t access the best utility deals, and don’t know about the Government financial support they may be entitled to.

      With your support, funding will let us work with 700 such older people, who are living rurally, on a low income, in poor health and often alone.

      We will provide 350 of them with one-to-one coaching, helping them to review their finances, to apply for the financial support they’re entitled to, and teaching them how to use the Internet to access cheaper utility deals. The remaining 350 participants will attend ‘Financial Fitness’ roadshows.

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    Alpha House Calderdale

    • Alpha House Calderdale

      We are Alpha House Calderdale, a supported housing scheme co-existing with a recovery treatment programme and life-skills courses for offenders with substance misuse and mental health problems.

      We take referrals from Leeds and Wealstun prisons, from Halifax Probation Service and from the Police Prolific Offender Team, and work with our partners to rehabilitate offenders back into the community with independent tenancies and jobs with after-care support.

      We need your support for our ‘Alpha House Calderdale’ project, to allow us to employ a debt support and advocacy worker. They will provide one-to-one financial advice and training, to help facilitate future independence in the community.

      Funding will pay the salary of this worker, who will improve the financial capability skills of 80 beneficiaries, helping them to gain a healthy and responsible attitude to managing their money.

      By improving vital financial capability skills, we seek to help participants manage their bills, budget more effectively and avoid repeated eviction.

      Once the initial training is complete, the new worker will then also train six participants to become advocates to deliver a similar service to others.

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    Calderdale Wellbeing (Healthy Minds)

    • Money in Mind

      We are Calderdale Wellbeing (Healthy Minds), based in Halifax. We are the only independent mental health charity in Calderdale and provide a genuine alternative to statutory mental health services.

      We need your support for our ‘Money in Mind’ project. Mental health problems and money worries are strongly connected. Through this project, we aim to improve the financial resilience and capability of disadvantaged people in Calderdale by providing an easy-to-access, coordinated service, with relevant partner agencies offering advice and ongoing bespoke support around debt and money management.

      If successful, we will put funding towards the costs of salaries for specialist debt, welfare rights, and employment advice workers, who have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to support people who have mental health problems.

      When people feel that they have a team around them, helping to improve their lives, it increases their motivation and their ability to make changes that will last. There is a very high demand for these services and through this project, we expect to be able to work with around 1,225 people over a period of 12 months.

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    Clean Slate Financial Wellbeing Services

    • Smart Money

      We are Clean Slate Financial Wellbeing Services Community Interest Company (CIC). We are an award-winning, not-for-profit social enterprise, which delivers financial wellbeing advice and financial capability training to people in the North East.

      We need you to support our ‘Smart Money’ project. This project will improve the financial capability skills of disadvantaged and/or vulnerable young people in Blyth.

      The participants will take part in games, drama and workshop activities to build the skills and knowledge they need to manage their money and deal with any future financial difficulties should they arise. At the end of the project, the young people will achieve a Level 2 qualification in ‘Smart Money’.

      If successful, funding will enable us to run eight ‘Smart Money’ courses, which will be highly interactive, fun and engaging. We will reach 80 disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in total through the project, some of whom are experiencing drug- and alcohol-related issues.

      Financial capability is an important factor in social inclusion and through this project, we hope to help the participants integrate into and feel part of society and to lead fulfilling lives.

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    Environmental & Management Solutions Ltd

    • Turning Pennies Into Pounds

      We are Environmental & Management Solutions Ltd. We work with residents in deprived communities across Hull and local businesses to alleviate food and fuel poverty. We’re particularly keen to help with inter-generational issues such as food poverty, fuel poverty and employability skills, helping people to make better life choices so that they can achieve better outcomes for themselves and their families.

      We need your support for our ‘Turning Pennies Into Pounds’ project. This project will help local residents to analyse and understand their domestic finances, and will coach them to make their own informed choices about how they can better make ends meet. This approach will help people to become financially confident, and allow them to pass these skills on to their family and friends.

      Funding will enable us to help over 150 people to analyse their own finances, prioritise their spending decisions, and through coaching support, to make sustainable changes that help them make their money go further.

      This solution-focused coaching will also ultimately help to reduce poverty in our community, by improving the financial capability skills of residents.

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    Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale

    • Green Doctors

      We are Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale, a community charity with a green heart. We help people to carry out hundreds of green projects every year.

      Our ‘Green Doctors’ project needs your support. The project will provide personal budgeting and financial skills training to people living in the most disadvantaged parts of Rochdale and Oldham, Greater Manchester.

      The project aims to provide people with the skills to make their money go further, by setting budgets, shopping around, reducing fuel bills and through installing our free, energy-saving measures.

      This service will be delivered in people’s homes, linked to Groundwork’s existing fuel poverty programmes, delivered by qualified ‘Green Doctors’.

      Funding will allow our ‘Green Doctors’ to carry out home visits to 200 households in Rochdale, working with at least 200 residents, who are struggling to pay their bills.

      With the addition of funding from our local Clinical Commissioning Group, we will be able to deliver one-to-one tailored appointments, financial capability training and installation of free, energy-saving measures.

      We will also train local volunteer ‘energy champions’ to continue the project after the funding ends.

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    Kimberworth Park Community Partnership

    • Money go Round

      We are Kimberworth Park Community Partnership (KPCP). We are a Rotherham Community Partnership that focuses on the wellbeing of those who are most vulnerable in our community: the elderly, young people and families. We provide services that are community owned and delivered in response to local need.

      Our vision at KPCP is: “Together we build an empowered community determining its own needs and delivering services to meet them.”

      We’re looking for your support for our ‘Money go Round’ project. This project aims to build the personal and financial confidence of vulnerable people in the local area to help them improve their financial capability, lifestyle choices and wellbeing.

      Funding will allow us to employ and train a frontline development/support worker and a local volunteer to improve their understanding of financial capability and exclusion, which will allow them to deliver training to participants, through one-to-one support and small-group activity. Funding will also cover ancillary expenses and project management costs.

      Through the ‘Money go Round project’, we aim to reach 100 direct beneficiaries, with a positive, knock-on effect on three times that number.

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    Mustard Tree

    • Money Matters

      We are Mustard Tree. We work with vulnerable and marginalised people in Manchester and Salford, providing food, furniture and clothing, as well as counselling, training and life-skills to help people escape homelessness and poverty. We also aim to create a safe and trusted environment where people can build their resilience.

      We need your support to develop our ‘Money Matters’ project, which will allow us to develop tailored workshops aimed at people who are long-term unemployed, are experiencing financial difficulties or who have unmanageable debt in north Manchester and Salford.

      Receiving funding will allow us to employ a co-ordinator to develop the ‘Money Matters’ workshops. The course content will allow participants to gain essential skills needed to manage money, increase their life and social skills, improve their confidence and resilience and encourage them to develop a better long-term relationship with money.

      Once finalised, we will deliver 19 courses over 16 months, improving financial literacy and the prospects of 190 individuals. We’ll also give participants the chance to develop further by providing support into employment on a complementary programme, following the workshops.

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    New Walk

    • Hart of Stockton Enterprise Project

      We are New Walk Community Interest Company (CIC), based in Stockton-on-Tees. We’re a not-for-profit registered provider of social housing, specialising in creating secure living environments for disadvantaged individuals, most of whom are transitioning from homelessness.

      We require your support to progress our ‘Hart of Stockton Enterprise Project’.

      This project will provide training and support to help disadvantaged individuals to achieve financial independence by moving into self-employment or employment.

      Receiving this funding will allow us to employ experienced business advisors to deliver training, mentoring and ongoing support to help 150 long-term unemployed participants living in or around one of the most deprived wards in the country, to achieve financial independence through starting a business or through finding a job.

      The project will be based in the Hart of Stockton Community Hub, and with your support, we will provide taster workshops and training in business planning from this venue. For those who start their own business, we will also provide ongoing mentoring.

      In total, we expect to help 35 disadvantaged people to start their own business or alternatively to find a job through the project.

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    North East Business & Innovation Centre

    • Start+

      We are North East Business & Innovation Centre, a not-for-profit organisation based in Sunderland.

      We deliver transformational help to encourage people to start up in business, in the form of counselling, education and access to premises. Our focus is on local regeneration and job creation, as well as on being as inclusive as possible within our disadvantaged communities.

      We need you to support our ‘Start+’ project. This project will improve the prospects of residents from deprived Sunderland wards, who are disadvantaged due to their inability to access funds to start up new, viable businesses.

      The key focus of the start-up package that the project will provide, is to allow participants with high self-employment potential and low, essential start-up costs, to explore ideas and develop business plans.

      Receiving funding will allow us to part-fund three business advisers to work with individuals to explore self-employment and produce viable business plans with realistic start-up costings.

      The project will initially target 40 disadvantaged people and will create 30 new businesses in total, with each given access to a small grant to support start-up costs.

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    North Lancs Enterprise

    • From Unemployment to Self Employment

      We are North Lancs Enterprise (trading name Bay Business Centre), based in Morecombe.

      We give people from disadvantaged groups, particularly people who are long-term unemployed, the opportunity and support to move from unemployment into self-employment.

      We are looking for your support for our ‘From Unemployment to Self Employment’ project, aimed at disadvantaged, economically inactive people in the deprived areas of Fleetwood and Morecambe.

      Our project will provide the individuals participating with the life-changing opportunity to set up their own business, and is based on a previous programme with proven outcomes.

      If we are successful in receiving funding, we will be able to ensure that 60 people can complete the programme. Specifically, funding will be used to pay for 240 hours of start-up coaching, 18 days of seminar tutor time, 90 hours of ongoing coaching, as well as covering the costs of learning materials, administration support, refreshments, childcare and promotional activity and materials.

      Overall, the project will see 30 new jobs created; 30 people achieving their goal of self-employment and 60 people increasing their enterprise and financial skills and confidence.

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    North Tyneside V O D A

    • Start Up Shop

      We are North Tyneside VODA, a registered charity supporting community groups and volunteers in the borough of North Tyneside. We provide information, advice and training to over 250 organisations, and in 2015 we helped over 1,750 people to access volunteering opportunities.

      ‘Start Up Shop’ is the project we’d like you to support. It will help over 500 of the most disadvantaged young people in North Tyneside to develop increased enterprise skills and aspirations through the delivery of workshops, competitions, pitching events, pop-up shops, work placements and business coaching.

      Many of these young people live in some of the most marginalised households in the borough, facing multiple barriers to social and economic mobility, including disability, poverty, low aspirations and generational unemployment.

      If successful, we will use the funding we receive to employ a team of experienced and engaging staff to deliver our dynamic and interactive enterprise programme to engage 510 young people across four schools and one youth programme.

      In addition, participants will also be given the opportunity to run their own pop-up shops, with the support of local business mentors.

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    Northumberland Community Development Company

    • Rural Business Support

      We are Northumberland Community Development Company. We work across Northumberland, using community development approaches to promote the inclusion and progression of people who experience discrimination.

      We would like your support for our ‘Rural Business Support’ project. Through this project, we will work with people in micro-communities in rural areas to initiate and support the development of entrepreneurialism through workshops and skills development for participants and to build a peer support network.

      If successful, funding will be used to deliver a support programme of workshops, training and mentoring to enable participants to explore self-employment options and to make informed decisions about starting a business based in rural Northumberland. All participants will benefit from acquiring skills to succeed in business.

      The project will also raise awareness of enterprise with the wider community, and work intensively with 20 participants, with the aim of creating five new enterprises, employing at least five people.

      As the project targets marginalised communities in a sparsely populated rural area, its wider impact will be to develop new services and opportunities to benefit the wider community and its economy.

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    Open Gate

    • Open Gate

      We are Open Gate. We are a not-for-profit organisation working with women offenders both in prison and in the community to help improve their lives and reduce the risks of re-offending, encouraging them towards a life free from crime.

      We need your support for our project of the same name, the ‘Open Gate’ project. This is a structured programme of office-based work and practical exercises, aimed at addressing financial issues and improving women offenders’ budgeting and money management skills pre- and post-release from prison to increase their chances of successfully re-integrating into the community.

      If successful, we will use funding to run either ‘The Money Course’ or adult financial capability programmes. The programmes will consist of 16 sessions and will include both theory and practical sessions to ensure that women are able to put what they learn into practice.

      In total, we hope to be able to deliver the programmes to 18 beneficiaries each year, helping them to live within their means more successfully in the community, and supporting them to access formal qualifications should they wish to do so.

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    Skills to Shine UK CIC

    • Northumberland’s Young Enterprising Stars

      We are Skills to Shine UK Community Interest Company (CIC), a social enterprise engaging young people in project-based enterprise activities. We exist to tackle the problem of youth unemployment and socio-economic deprivation that our communities face.

      We need your support for our ‘Northumberland’s Young Enterprising Stars’ project, a project delivering ‘Make Money Grow’ challenges to disadvantaged young people in Northumberland, where they will start their own mini businesses and learn about self-employment.

      Each challenge will involve industry visits and mentoring by business experts, ending in a market or trade event to embed skills and showcase achievements.

      Receiving funding will allow us to set up 10 ‘Make Money Grow’ challenges in youth settings across Northumberland. The funding will be used to design and deliver the challenges, organise workshops with industry experts and visits to workplaces in the local area. It will also be used to buy resources and materials so the young people can run their mini-businesses.

      In total, 100 young people will take part in the project to learn about self-employment, and 16 business mentors will be recruited as volunteer youth enterprise champions.

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    Specialist Autism Services

    • Employed by Me

      We are Specialist Autism Services. We provide a range of support services for adults with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC): services that promote social inclusion, communication, social interaction and independent living.

      We are looking for your support for our ‘Employed by Me’ project. Through this project we will deliver a self-employment programme for adults with an ASC across Leeds and Bradford.

      Receiving this funding will allow us to provide group workshops to identify individual skills and strengths of participants, as well as a series of one-to-one coaching sessions for those with business ideas, to help them create a business plan.

      We will support some of our participants to seek further education or training opportunities where appropriate; some will explore employment opportunities and others will become self-employed.

      We anticipate that 120 individuals will engage with the workshops, 75 with the one-to-one coaching sessions and that potentially 15 new businesses will be started as a result of the project.

      Overall, we anticipate that all the previously vulnerable and excluded participants will develop their skills and self-confidence through participating in the project.

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    The Money Charity

    • Financial Capability Support for Carers

      We are The Money Charity, the only UK charity providing training and support to help anyone, of any age, to get the most from their money and to achieve their goals.

      The project that we’d like your support for is our ‘Financial Capability Support for Carers’ project.

      Many carers reduce the number of paid hours they work, to spend time caring for a family member, neighbour or friend. Carers’ money workshops will provide support to enable unpaid carers to manage their money well, getting the best use from every penny, so that they experience less stress.

      Specifically, we will use the funding to develop workshop content that focuses on carers’ particular financial concerns, such as surviving on reduced income. We will provide 36 three-hour daytime, evening or weekend carers’ money workshops, each one for 8-12 carers resident in Yorkshire, Lancashire or Cheshire.

      The support will directly benefit 300-400 people, who have significant caring responsibilities. During the carers’ money workshops, carers will develop a personalised action plan to help them apply what they learn at the workshop in their personal lives.

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    Accomodation Concern

    • Dauntless Project

      We are Accommodation Concern, based in Kettering. We deliver impartial advice on a wide range of issues to people who want to change their lives. We have a successful track-record of almost 30 years in service delivery and have won several awards for tackling disadvantage and exclusion.

      We would like your help to progress our Dauntless Project. This project aims to give people the tools to help themselves through a combination of advice, practical support and certified training. We will build participants’ skills and confidence so that they can make informed decisions about their finances and budgeting. This will also encourage independence and ensure financial and social sustainability.

      We will use the funding to employ a financial capability worker, who will assist people on a one-to-one basis. The worker will assist a minimum of 150 people to obtain accredited training certificates in various aspects of money management.

      Every participant will be assisted to reduce debts and arrears and to maximise their income. The wider impact of this project will include reducing homelessness and poverty, and improving wellbeing and coping mechanisms.

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    • Create Your Future

      We are Artcore, an organisation using visual art as a vehicle to strengthen community cohesion and to provide platforms for development.

      Our innovative activities aim to bring positive change into the lives of people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds in our local community.

      We need your help with Create Your Future. This project will enable BME (Black & Minority Ethnic), ‘hard to reach’, new and emerging communities in deprived areas of Derby to develop their own creative small businesses.

      Participants will attend creative visual arts workshops, where they will learn how to create items that can be sold through our developing onsite and online shop, enabling them to generate income at the same time as accessing external business support.

      Funding will let us deliver 46 weekly three-hour workshops, covering interpreter costs, room hire, materials, setting up the onsite/online shop and hosting craft fairs, where participants can sell their items to the general public.

      In total, through the project we will reach 40 unemployed people, primarily from BME communities, at least 10 of whom will start their own businesses.

  • Vote

    Ashiana Community Project

    • Enterprising Women Skills School

      We are Ashiana Community Project (ACP), an organisation supporting vulnerable people in East Birmingham, primarily from disadvantaged communities.

      The issues we provide support with include benefits and debts, unemployment, domestic violence, health and childcare.

      The project that we need your support to establish, is our Enterprising Women Skills School. Through this project we want to provide 125 disadvantaged and aspirational BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) women with the direction, encouragement and support to help them realise their dreams of a brighter financial future. Instilling financial, enterprise and employability skills will be at the heart of the project.

      Funding will allow each of the 125 participants to study for an award in financial education, as well as accredited units of transferable enterprise skills, as part of an employability qualification.

      Participants will apply their new skills in a group enterprise challenge before moving on to receive bespoke, one-to-one support from experienced financial and employability advisers.

      With your support, we can not only help the 125 participants to improve their financial capability and enterprise skills, but also their life chances in general.

  • Vote

    Chesterfield Citizens Advice Bureau

    • Money Skilled, Living Well

      We are Chesterfield Citizens Advice Bureau. We are a local charity based in North Derbyshire, and were set up in 1987 to help local residents to resolve any legal, financial or other problems.

      We provide free, confidential and impartial advice – and in 2015-16, we assisted 6,136 local people, dealing with a total of 22,854 issues.

      We need you to support our Money Skilled, Living Well project. The aim of this project is to improve the lives and wellbeing of disadvantaged people in North Derbyshire by improving their financial capability.

      Through the project we will provide accredited volunteering opportunities, which will provide the basis for participants to secure further training, employment and self-employment.

      In total, the project will improve the skills of 10 volunteers and will also reach around 200 disadvantaged local people, who are disabled, have limiting long-term health issues and/or are socially excluded, helping to improve their financial capability and wellbeing.

      Specifically, the funding will let us employ a full-time money coach; to support volunteering and to pay essential service-delivery costs to kick-start this vital service for the community.

  • Vote

    Citizens Advice Chelmsford

    • aDAPt

      We are Citizens Advice Chelmsford (CAC), a charity that provides advice on a range of issues, and campaigns to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives. We’ve been supporting the residents of Chelmsford, Essex, since 1939.

      aDAPt is the name of the project that we would love you to support.

      This project aims to improve the financial capability of vulnerable local people, who are experiencing bad debt and/or poverty. Due to circumstances such as deprivation, homelessness, disability or rural isolation, these people require tailored specialist debt support to improve their confidence and capability to manage their own finances.

      Funding will allow us to employ a part-time specialist debt advisor, who will provide bespoke support for as long as the service user requires to feel confident and financially capable.

      Drawing on the expertise, volunteers, tools and resources available in-house will let us provide robust and consistent support to approximately 144 people in one year. In addition, the monitoring and evaluation data gathered during the life span of the project will influence and shape future services, ensuring a lasting legacy.

  • Vote

    Citizens Advice East Staffordshire

    • Every Penny Counts

      We are Citizens Advice East Staffordshire. We are a vital lifeline for people dealing with precarious financial situations due to cuts, delays and benefits sanctions, as well as unstable, short-term employment contracts.

      We are looking for support for Every Penny Counts because in 2015/16, our advisors helped 1,000 people with over £3 million worth of debt and we need to do more to build resilience.

      If successful, the funding will allow us to train and accredit at least 20 volunteers, who will receive a recognised level 3 qualification in money advice. Receiving the training will not only help to improve their employment prospects, but will also help us to kick-start financial capability training in our local community again.

      The volunteers will be equipped to deliver debt and benefits advice to at least 500 local people and a further 300 will receive financial resilience sessions to help them manage their finances and to live within their means.

      In addition, we anticipate that 10 volunteers will go on to find employment as a result of skills they have gained through this project.

  • Vote

    Citizens Advice Services Corby & Kettering

    • Financially Savvy Futures

      We are Citizens Advice Services Corby & Kettering.

      We provide free, confidential and impartial advice, and also campaign to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.

      We value diversity, promote equality, challenge discrimination and help people to act on their rights and responsibilities. In 2015-16 we helped almost 4,000 individuals with over 17,500 problems on a wide range of issues, including benefits, debts, housing and employment.

      We need your support for our Financially Savvy Futures project. This project will provide group workshops and one-to-one sessions on money management, promoting the confidence and skills to gain financial stability and employment. This is particularly important, as Universal Credit is currently being rolled out in our local area.

      If we secure funding, we can support 300 people to participate in the project, with approximately 5-8 learners per session. We will then follow up with each learner two weeks after they have completed the project, to discuss future individual financial action.

      Funding will also allow us to offer all interested participants the opportunity to obtain a qualification in personal finance in the future.

  • Vote

    Comvida CIC

    • Help With Money West Norfolk

      We are Comvida CIC (Community Interest Company), based in Downham Market.

      We are a not-for-profit organisation providing guidance on all aspects of money management. We also up-skill people in income maximisation, reducing expenditure, getting the best deals on utilities and services, household budgeting and managing debt.

      We’d like your support for our Help With Money West Norfolk project. Through this project, we aim to give people who are struggling financially, the power to take back control of their money so they can start to rebuild their lives.

      Funding will allow us to help a minimum of 300 people in impoverished areas and rural communities across West Norfolk through money management classes at children's centres and libraries across the county, as well as through intermediaries, who will receive training through the project.

      We will use the funding to support sessional workers to deliver six, six-week financial capability workshops over a 12-month period to a total of 36 people, as well as one-to-one debt management and budgeting advice to 84 people. Funding will also allow us to cover travel and venue hire costs where necessary.

  • Vote

    CU Social Enterprise CIC

    • Coventry Community Entrepreneurs: creating enterprising communities

      We are CU Social Enterprise CIC (Community Interest Company), a Coventry-based organisation. We support the creation and development of social enterprises and the growth of a wider social economy through the suite of services provided by our enterprise hub.

      We would like your support for our Coventry Community Entrepreneurs: creating enterprising communities project.

      The project is focused on enabling communities to find opportunity in adversity, through establishing a unique peer support network of community entrepreneurs. Using the ‘train the trainer’ model, we will work with individuals across Coventry to build their capacity as social entrepreneurs to bring solutions and help deprived and disadvantaged communities to thrive.

      Funding will go towards training 18 individuals from diverse backgrounds to form Coventry’s first community entrepreneurs’ peer support network. Through community events, training sessions and celebrations, the entrepreneurs will in turn engage around 230 more people from disadvantaged communities, increasing their understanding of social enterprise opportunities and helping to bring together people and ideas.

      We hope that the project will leave a lasting legacy – applicable nationwide – and that it will continue to grow beyond the project duration.

  • Vote

    DIAL Basildon & South Essex

    • Inclusive Advice

      We are DIAL Basildon & South Essex, an organisation offering a confidential disability, information, advice and advocacy service, provided by disabled staff and volunteers.

      Inclusive Advice is the name of the project that we are asking you to support.

      This is a project that will give disabled people access to accurate and appropriate advice on financial issues – provided by people who are disabled themselves. This is advice that they may not currently be able to access.

      Funding will allow us to provide training, one-to-one advice and drop-in sessions, and IT equipment to help participants gain more independence and to improve their financial capability skills, as well as their mental and physical health.

      Through drop-in sessions, workshops and training on a variety of subjects, the project will enable a minimum of 1,500 participants to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to improve their employability or to gain employment.

      In addition, by delivering advice and training in a friendly, relaxed environment, we hope that the project will also help to reduce the feelings of isolation that people with disabilities can often experience.

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    Eden-Rose Coppice Trust

    • Entrepreneurship with Nature

      We are Eden-Rose Coppice Trust. We mentor and train disadvantaged children in forestry, woodwork and life skills, while restoring neglected town centre woodlands around Suffolk for people living with cancer.

      Young people, especially those with learning disabilities, serious illness or behavioural problems, work with mentors or carers to develop the site for our palliative care visitors. This integrated approach improves outcomes for both groups.

      We need your support for Entrepreneurship with Nature, a business education project designed to teach vulnerable children to think ‘outside of the box’, nurturing their unconventional talents and skills.

      Funding will allow us to mentor groups of young people, who are at a very high risk of becoming long-term NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), supporting them to create an ethical mock-business producing garden and wildlife products.

      We’ll support the participants and enhance their skills by teaching business and maths concepts; the skills needed to create the garden and wildlife products, as well as helping them to create a marketing campaign.

      In total, the funding will let us support at least 52 disadvantaged young people.

  • Vote

    Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs (iSE)

    • Enterprising skills for women (ESW)

      We are Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs (iSE). We’re a leading, social enterprise development organisation with a 16-year track record of supporting the start-up and growth of enterprises and women-led businesses across the West Midlands.

      The project that we would love your support for is Enterprising skills for women (ESW).

      ESW addresses the lack of culturally-appropriate start-up business support for women from BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) backgrounds locally.

      The project will build the skills and confidence of disadvantaged women, breaking down cultural and gender barriers to starting an enterprise.

      Funding will allow 100 women from inner city Birmingham to benefit from courses on personal and business finance. In addition, 60 will take part in a customised enterprise start-up programme.

      Participants will have access to experts and workshops in finance, markets, enterprise development, marketing and technology – both face to face and online. A monthly network meeting will encourage learning, inter-trading and peer-to-peer support, while additional mentor support and hot desks will empower the participants to ‘fast track’ their businesses.

      We anticipate the creation of 20 new women-led businesses in total.

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    LEAP East CIC

    • Money Mind (part of LEAP)

      We are LEAP (Learning, Employment & Accommodation Programme) East CIC (Community Interest Company).

      Our activities aim to move people in Norwich facing disadvantage, towards a positive future through one-to-one coaching and tailored and responsive learning experiences, delivered via our catering training academy, Flourish.

      At LEAP, we aim to dig a little deeper and work alongside our partners to take a whole-person approach that tackles the root causes of a person's difficulties.

      We need your support for our Money Mind project. The intention behind this project is to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty by building the financial skills and capabilities of adults in Norwich. Our work will help to facilitate personal change and build healthy, long-lasting money management habits that will move people towards self-sufficiency and financial independence.

      The funding will enable over 70 local people facing financial exclusion to take back control of their situation and build the skills that will ultimately help them to retain a job and a home. Depending on the individual, this may include everything from how to navigate the benefits system, to setting up in self-employment.

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    Rural Action Derbyshire

    • The Money House

      We are Rural Action Derbyshire, a charity aiming to improve life for those living and working in Derbyshire.

      Our objectives are to support community development, address disadvantage, counter the effects of isolation and improve access to services in rural communities.

      We are requesting support for The Money House, a five-day accredited ‘tenancy ready’ programme directed at young people aged 17-24, who are planning a transition to independent living from foster care, residential care or supported accommodation.

      Our aim is to make sure that the participants are better able to budget and manage their money effectively, improving their financial resilience and reducing the risk of rent arrears, eviction and subsequent homelessness.

      With funding, we will develop The Money House as a social enterprise, initially offering subsidised places on the programme over one year, before developing a sustainable ‘pay per learner’ model.

      The funding will provide staffing and learning resources and will ensure that the programmes are accredited and offer sound learning outcomes for the individuals participating.

      In total, we’ll deliver 15 five-day training programmes for 125 learners over a 10-month period.

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    Trust Links

    • Grow Your Own Business

      We are Trust Links, a local independent mental health charity, based in Westcliff-on-Sea.

      Our ‘Growing Together’ therapeutic gardens in Westcliff, Shoeburyness, Thundersley and Rochford provide training, practical support and peer support. We also co-ordinate the REACH Recovery College in South East Essex, as well as providing peer support and counselling for carers in Southend.

      We need your support for our Grow Your Own Business project. Through this project, we will work with adults with mental health problems and other disabilities to develop the skills, experience and confidence to set up their own businesses.

      Through our Growing Together projects we provide training for people to become self-employed gardeners, labourers, cooks and cleaners, as well as the physical tools required to do these jobs.

      If successful, funding will allow us to support 20 people with mental health problems and mild learning disabilities in the South Essex area. We will support them to develop practical and business skills, to improve their mental health and ultimately to set up their own businesses. In turn, this will also result in increased confidence and self esteem.

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    YMCA Birmingham

    • Get Rich or Budget Tryin’

      We are YMCA Birmingham. We work to inspire young people to discover their potential so that they can live fulfilling lives.

      We provide volunteer, work and training opportunities to the disadvantaged young people we support. We also have supported accommodation across Birmingham, where we can help young people to learn how to live independently.

      We’d like you to invest in our Get Rich or Budget Tryin’ project. This project will give local disadvantaged people, aged 18 to 29 who have faced homelessness, the skills to succeed in the workplace and to manage their own finances. They will also obtain a qualification in budgeting and personal development.

      If successful, we will use this funding to train 70 local disadvantaged young people to manage their finances and to find work.

      Some of these young people will be residents of our supported housing and some will be referred from partners such as the Erdington Job Centre. We will run the programme to small groups over a 12-month period, and this will include recognised accreditation, mentoring and support to access volunteer or work experience.

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    Your Own Place CIC

    • Tenancy & Independent Living Skills (TILS) Training

      We are Your Own Place CIC (Community Interest Company), a Norwich-based social enterprise providing restorative and innovative tenancy and independent living skills training to young people, the majority of whom are at risk of youth homelessness.

      We need your support to develop our Tenancy & Independent Living Skills (TILS) Training project. Through this project, we want to equip young people with the financial skills, confidence, social skills and knowledge they need to make a successful transition into adulthood.

      The skills and confidence that participants gain through the project will enable them to keep up to date with bills, make the right decisions for them, find work that pays, keep their home and ultimately avoid future homelessness.

      Funding will go towards co-ordinator time to develop, deliver and evaluate our training programme to 12 groups of eight 16 to 25 year-olds across Norfolk.

      Participants will also be supported on a one-to-one basis to access ‘Money for Life’ financial capability qualifications and will have access to match-funded employment support, as well as the chance to try out supported work taster opportunities and to become peer trainers.

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    Citizens Advice Maidstone

    • Make It Count

      We are Citizens Advice Maidstone, working in partnership with Citizens Advice Tunbridge Wells to deliver the project that we require support with.

      We are both independent, volunteer-led charities, linked to Citizens Advice through a membership scheme. We provide free, confidential and impartial advice to residents in a wide range of locations and settings, as well as financial capability sessions to help improve budgeting and money/debt management skills.

      The project we’d like your support for is Make it count. Through it, we aim to reach targeted residents and families living in isolated rural locations within the Boroughs of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells, to improve their financial resilience and capability.

      We intend to do this through group sessions, focusing on budgeting skills and relevant money management techniques. We will also provide follow-up one-to-one sessions for those who need further support.

      Funding will pay for a trainer and a part-time support worker, plus training and evaluation materials. We will provide training sessions to a total of 500 residents in the rural areas of both Boroughs and will operate primarily in outreach community settings.

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    • Get Smart@ fsn

      We are FSN, based in St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. At FSN, our aim is to empower individuals to recognise their own abilities and to achieve their aspirations and goals.

      We need your support for our Get Smart@fsn project, offering disadvantaged local residents the opportunity to improve their financial capability, personal and employability skills to the point where they are confident and motivated to manage budgets, debt, housekeeping and associated payments using digital technology.

      The project will also build confidence and resilience in residents so that they will feel more able to consider returning to the labour market and to secure economic stability through long-term employment that is relevant to their own personal goals and aspirations.

      If successful, the funding we receive will be used to pay for tutors and the cost of delivering a wide range of courses. We will also be able to make a contribution to volunteer expenses and to provide further relevant training to staff and volunteers.

      We anticipate that in total, 120 local residents and their families will benefit from the project directly, and many more indirectly.

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    Let’s Do Business Group (South East) Limited

    • Business Builder

      We are Let’s Do Business Group (South East) Limited, an awarding-winning social enterprise, based in St Leonards-on-sea. The area has pockets of very high deprivation and relatively high unemployment, particularly among the young population. Our aim is to support the economic development of Hastings and the wider East Sussex area by helping new and budding entrepreneurs.

      We are asking for you to support our Business Builder project – a project that comprises an innovative series of start-up workshops, mentoring support, online training and specialist advice for deprived communities.

      The project aims to provide access to enterprise skills and learning opportunities to increase participants’ financial capability, and it will also offer a Level 2 qualification in setting up a business, in order to support them with this process.

      Funding will allow us to cover the numerous delivery costs of the project, which as well as many others, include activities such as administration, marketing, recruitment, training and certification, plus the costs of employing trainers and hiring venues.

      With your support, we believe that we can directly benefit over 120 people through this project.

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    mhs Community Charity

    • Bill Busters

      We are mhs Community Charity. We support the most disadvantaged communities in Medway and look to create opportunities for them to thrive.

      We’re looking for support for our Bill Busters project. Through this project we will provide early intervention and support to private and social housing tenants, who are at risk of fuel poverty, struggling with their finances and who are over-indebted. The project will enable them to reduce their fuel bills, to better manage their finances and household budgets, and to deal with existing debts.

      Receiving funding will allow us to make over 400 visits to properties to advise tenants on how to reduce their energy bills. We will also provide one-to-one support to help those who are in debt or who have rent arrears to access grants and to increase their income, as well as working with them to set up a budget and stick to it.

      Following the visits, funding will also allow us to continue to put pressure on landlords whose properties are damp, mouldy or generally not fit for residential use, on behalf of tenants.

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    Wealden Citizens Advice

    • On track

      We are Wealden Citizens Advice. We provide free, confidential and independent advice to local residents on issues such as benefits, housing and employment. Our clients are five times more likely to be managing on a low income and twice as likely to be in poor health than the general population.

      The project that we would like your support for is On track. This is a project aimed at delivering a money management service for two main groups of people: those with mental health issues, who have got into financial difficulty, and those with dementia and their carers, who need help to make ends meet. These groups have been identified as being most at risk of having re-occurring financial difficulties.

      As well as helping people with claiming benefits and managing debts, we will also offer intensive one-to-one budgeting coaching for up to six months, as well as a toolkit for participants and local service providers, and practical group sessions on how to make money go further.

      Funding will allow us to reach 420 people over a 15-month period, through this project.

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    Access Dorset

    • Moneyworks

      We are Access Dorset, a charity run by and for disabled people, people with long-term health conditions, older people and carers living in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole.

      We are the leading user-led, pan-impairment disability rights organisation in Dorset, providing a range of services from our Bridge Resource Centre.

      We are looking for your support for ‘Moneyworks’. This project will build on the success of our past ‘SkillWorks’ project to support 48 economically disadvantaged disabled young people (with autism and Asperger syndrome) to develop their financial capacity to live more independently, gain confidence, communication and presentation skills and to become economically active.

      If successful, we will use the funding to provide accredited training to 48 young disabled people to develop their financial capability as a key step towards establishing independence on their transition to adulthood.

      The project will be delivered in four consecutive 12-week courses, each with 12 participants. The training will include units focused on SMART goal-setting, household skills, budgeting, money management, self-advocacy and making choices.

      The project has been identified by young disabled people themselves as key to establishing independence.

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    Barton Hill Settlement

    • Boost Enterprise - Part of BOOST Finance

      We are Barton Hill Settlement, the community hub for inner city and east Bristol.

      For over 100 years, we have provided a range of activities and services for people of all ages and ethnicities in the local community, from daily activities for parents and under 5’s, to lunch clubs for older people. We also host 10 other organisations on-site, providing additional services.

      The project that we are looking for your support for is ‘BOOST Enterprise.’ As part of the wider ‘BOOST Finance’ initiative, this project aims to provide advice on becoming self-employed and will encourage individuals to work together on common projects, as well as providing individual advice.

      If successful, the funding we receive will allow us to support 144 disadvantaged people living in Lawrence Hill to make step changes to their economic and social situations both individually and collectively.

      The project will enable participants to increase their chance of achieving successful enterprise solutions through tailored business start-up and self-employment advice and their success will also have a wider impact on their families, as well as on the local community.

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    • Financial Capability & Energy Training (FACET)

      We are CSE – a not-for-profit organisation established in 1979 to tackle climate change and to end the misery of cold homes. We combine practical projects in Bristol, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire, with national policy and research work to highlight the reality of the lives of fuel-poor, low-income households.

      The project that we need your support for is Financial Capability & Energy Training (FACET).

      The project will provide financial capability training to members of Bristol’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, who struggle to pay utility bills or who are at risk of falling into arrears.

      We will help participants to manage their finances and debt, maximise income and help to alleviate fuel poverty.

      With funding we can achieve these aims by running workshops and advice surgeries, and conducting home visits to help participants plan for the introduction of Universal Credit; plan a monthly budget; set up direct debits and bank accounts, and better understand utility billing and usage.

      Through existing partnerships with local community groups, we will be able to reach a total of 1,500 people through the project.

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    Disability Can Do

    • Universally Good – Money Management Support

      We are Disability Can Do. We are a user-led charity based in Caerphilly Borough County in South Wales, that works with, and for, disabled people to promote social inclusion, independence and choice.

      We’re looking for support for our ‘Universally Good – Money Management Support’ project.

      The aim of our project is to build vulnerable, disabled people’s financial resilience – ensuring that they receive correct levels of welfare entitlements and that they can manage this money effectively to meet their health, welfare and social needs.

      Funding will pay for an advice worker, who will deliver one-to-one support to disabled people – both in their homes and at outreach locations.

      It will also let us deliver free monthly training to build financial resilience and the ability to manage the transition in welfare payments. We will also produce short videos to reflect key course content and to promote the work of the project.

      In total, we aim to provide one-to-one support to 400 vulnerable disabled people in the local area, as well as training on financial resilience and money management to a further 100 disabled people.

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    Edventure Frome Community Interest Company

    • edventure START-UP

      We are Edventure Frome Community Interest Company, a school of community enterprise run by and for the local community in Frome, Somerset.

      We join the dots between community, education and enterprise and tackle the inter-linked social, economic and employment issues facing young adults and marginalised adults in the local community.

      We need your support for our ‘edventure START-UP’ project, which will support young adults aged 18 – 35, who are unemployed, underemployed or who are transitioning out of education. Our project will also build businesses that provide employment and tackle social issues in Frome.

      Funding will allow us to run two 10-week edventure START-UP courses for 20 young adults, which are loosely based on the format of ‘The Apprentice’. Instead of firing participants, however, we will support them to gain skills and qualifications, as well as to set up their own business.

      If successful, funding will also let us provide start-up support and workspace for 50 young adults and inspire 300 college students to consider enterprise as a viable career option. Overall, we aim to create 22 jobs through the project.

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    Food is Fun CIC

    • Budgeting and Cooking Skills for Adults

      We are Food is Fun CIC (Community Interest Company), a Plymouth-based social enterprise established in 2009 to promote healthy eating for everyone in South West England.

      We need your help to finance the delivery of our ‘Budgeting and Cooking Skills for Adults’ project.

      This project aims to teach adults in two of Plymouth's most disadvantaged areas how to prepare a budget for regular food shopping, as well as vital cooking skills to benefit them and their families.

      Funding will allow us to run tailored courses for groups of adults. The courses will be a mix of informative and practical sessions, which will include shopping and budgeting skills, how to cook quick, healthy meals while reducing food waste, learning essential cooking skills, menu planning, advice on food preparation and storage, and the social benefits of eating together as a family.

      Not only will the project lead to improved financial management, it will also encourage a more positive attitude to life, improved health and wellbeing and the self-confidence to improve other areas of participants’ lives. Around 120 people will benefit from the project in total.

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    Learning Links

    • Junk to Funk: Confidence, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

      We are Learning Links. We are a not-for-profit organisation that works at the heart of communities within Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight to help struggling individuals and families to find the skills, confidence and motivation they need to improve their lives.

      We are looking for you to support our ‘Junk to Funk: Confidence, Creativity and Entrepreneurship’ project.

      Through this project, we will empower 70 health-challenged, long-term unemployed people to develop and achieve their aspiration of self-employment by ultimately starting their own business.

      Funding will allow 70 individuals to attend a practical and creative morning workshop to nurture entrepreneurship and confidence, offering the ideas and skills to develop their business idea.

      In the afternoon, the participants will attend another workshop, providing business advice on budgeting, marketing and how to access start-up funding. In addition, participants will receive one-to-one mentoring to identify any individual barriers to success and find appropriate solutions.

      Overall, the project will lead the 70 beneficiaries on a journey of tailor-made self-development, life-coaching, business advice, skills training and mentoring to enable them to improve their lives and self-sufficiency.

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    North Somerset Enterprise Agency LTD

    • 'Be Your Own Boss' North Somerset

      We are North Somerset Enterprise Agency LTD, a social enterprise that exists to help pre-start, new and existing businesses in North Somerset.

      The project that we need your support for is 'Be Your Own Boss' North Somerset.

      Through this project, we will work with individuals from some of the most deprived estates in North Somerset to provide the opportunity to consider self-employment as a career option, upskill through innovative thinking, turn existing business ideas into reality and become financially sustainable through entrepreneurship.

      Funding will allow us to deliver accessible events to promote and demystify the perceived barriers to self-employment and to deliver short, exploratory workshops entitled 'Is self employment for me?'.

      In addition, we will offer a more in-depth business course option to increase business management and financial skills and viability, and provide access to a business advisor for one-to-one support, plus small bursaries to help with the purchase of essential licences, for example.

      In total, we will engage 180 people through the project and help to start 18 new businesses, giving 18 people the opportunity to gain employment.

  • Vote

    The Friendly Trust

    • The Peer Workshops Project

      We are the Friendly Trust, a Cardiff-based organisation that helps vulnerable people to manage and safeguard their finances.

      We help our service users, who include disabled people, people with learning disabilities and mental health problems, and those with substance misuse issues, to achieve financial independence and security. We also aim to prevent them from facing abuse.

      We need your help to finance the ‘Peer Workshops’ project. This project will offer individuals, who have previously accessed support from the Friendly Trust, the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge that they have gained to help others.

      Each workshop will be designed to offer people with disabilities advice and guidance to help them better manage their financial affairs.

      With funding, we can run 12 workshops. Each workshop will be designed and delivered by people with direct experience of the difficulties faced by those people we are trying to reach. That is why we believe they are best placed to help others.

      In total, we believe that we can make improvements to the lives of 250 people as a result of this project.

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    Tomorrow's People

    • MyMoney Tomorrow

      We are Tomorrow’s People. We transform the lives of disadvantaged young people, who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

      We’re looking for your support with our ‘MyMoney Tomorrow’ project.

      Through this project, we aim to improve the financial capabilities and enterprise skills of disadvantaged young people in Bristol aged between 16-25.

      The young people we work with face many barriers to securing and sustaining jobs and further education placements. We want to offer them the chance to develop skills and knowledge that will help them to gain the financial and social independence they need to lead more fulfilling, healthy and happy lives.

      Funding will enable us to implement an expert finance and enterprise education course for a total of 126 people in Bristol over 18-months from August 2017, in partnership with MyBnk. Engaging and interactive challenges and games will make learning financial management skills fun and memorable.

      This will be implemented as part of a six-week intensive personal, social and employability programme for those identified as being furthest from the labour market because of significant barriers and deprivation.

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    Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon Citizens Advice

    • Money Matters

      We are Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon Citizens Advice, covering half of the county of Devon and serving a population of 289,000 people. People come to us with all sorts of issues, and we aim to help them find a way forward.

      We provide free advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities, and use our clients' experience and stories to campaign for positive change.

      We need your support for our ‘Money Matters’ project. ‘Money Matters’ will enable us to support the thousands of clients, who find themselves in financial difficulty in our deprived rural area, by providing appointments and casework that will address their current financial concerns, as well as offering advice to help improve their future prospects.

      If successful, we will use funding to train 15 specialist debt advisers to tackle the rising amount of debt in the local area.

      The specialist debt team will support clients with their immediate debt issues and will also deliver financial capability materials in order to improve clients' current circumstances, future prospects and to prevent the occurrence of future financial issues.

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    Tydfil Training Consortium Ltd

    • MTEP (Merthyr Tydfil Enterprise Programme)

      We are Tydfil Training Consortium Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation based in Merthyr Tydfil. We support unemployed and economically inactive people in the local area to acquire the skills and strengths they need to gain sustainable employment or to take the first steps into enterprise.

      We need your support for our ‘MTEP (Merthyr Tydfil Enterprise Programme)’ project to help us engage with the community throughout Merthyr Tydfil and to support individuals to ensure they can access the help available to achieve a sustainable business start-up.

      In particular, this project is aimed at supporting and guiding unemployed and economically inactive individuals into sustainable business start-ups. Our ambition is to grow our current facility to be able to meet a wider audience, to co-ordinate support for these embryonic ideas to create viable businesses that create wealth for the community.

      Funding will allow us to expand the already successful town centre facility, the Merthyr Tydfil Enterprise Centre (MTEC), out into the wider communities of the borough. In total we aim to reach over 300 people throughout the area, working with individuals, groups and families.

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    Welsh Women's Aid

    • Financial Abuse Support Project

      We are Welsh Women's Aid, the national charity working to end violence against women and children in Wales.

      We are a federation of 23 independent specialist services for survivors of violence and abuse, delivering direct specialist services in Colwyn Bay and Wrexham, as well as the Live Fear Free Helpline, the National Training Service, Survivor Engagement work and the Children Matter prevention project.

      The project that we need your support for is our ‘Financial Abuse Support Project’.

      We will deliver this project in partnership with local Citizens Advice Bureaux, with the aim of supporting women affected by financial abuse.

      Specifically, funding will allow us to deliver one-to-one support to help women to resolve personal finance issues and to deliver workshops, which will increase awareness of financial abuse and how abusers use this as a method of control.

      In total, funding will allow us to provide personal financial advice sessions for 120 women, who are affected by abusive relationships in Wrexham and Colwyn Bay, and to run 16 group workshops focusing on practical support with budgeting and managing personal finance issues.