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    Age UK Lewisham and Southwark

    • Looking After The Pennies

      We are Age UK Lewisham and Southwark, a self-funding local charity that supports older people to take control of their lives and of the services that they use - and to have some fun along the way! To achieve this, we connect people aged 55+ with all kinds of services and activities, from information and advice on practical and financial issues, day-care and handyperson services, to yoga sessions, modern dance, art and craft classes.

      We'd like your support to help people keep Looking After The Pennies, putting isolated and disadvantaged people back in control of their finances, their access to services, and their lives. Changes like bereavement, illness, family moving away, and a fast-moving digital environment can leave people feeling less in control - and more vulnerable to crime.

      We want to address this through education. The programme will provide workshops, advice sessions and mentoring, empowering people to budget, access online banking, avoid being scammed, and raise their income by claiming the right benefits. We'll also connect people to the community groups and services that suit them - adding up to people who feel happier, safer and more independent.

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    • Better money management for ABI survivors

      We are Attend. Our mission is to support and expand the vital roles that volunteers play in creating healthy communities. As well as helping voluntary organisations so that they can flourish, we also develop our own volunteering projects which directly help vulnerable beneficiaries.

      Since 2009 we have been working with adults who have an Acquired Brain injury (ABI), helping them reintegrate and come to terms with their new circumstances. Our volunteers listen to them and help them set and move towards life goals.

      We'd like you to partner us in helping 60 adults with an ABI improve their financial capability. Better money management for ABI survivors will develop and deliver financial training modules for those with ABI and their carers.

      Brain injury can 'hard wire' impulsivity, making survivors much more likely to spend today, regret tomorrow. Together with a lack of awareness (and even denial) of their new circumstances, this disability can be a perfect storm for financial difficulty. We will develop ways to help these vulnerable people avoid falling into unmanageable debt, making sure that learning is well embedded so that they can stick to budgets and recognise and override impulsive behaviour.

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    Bermondsey Community Kitchen

    • Bermondsey Community Kitchen

      We are Bermondsey Community Kitchen, a not-for-profit community café and training facility providing free training in a City and Guilds Level 1 Food Preparation and Cookery qualification. We work with Southwark residents, aged 16 to 40, who are long term unemployed, not in any other training or education, facing barriers to entering work or are disadvantaged. We support trainees with work experience in our café and on market stalls, employability training and employment and enterprise opportunities.

      We'd like you to help us qualify more people to work in the Bermondsey Community Kitchen. We want to train 48 local residents in City and Guilds Level 1 Food Preparation and Cookery, taking 16 people through the course every four months. We'll then give them work experience in our own café and market stalls and support them in finding employment and enterprise opportunities. The trainees will have improved life skills, confidence and communication skills.

      Our trainees will give something back by helping a further 450 residents through wider community activities such as senior cooking clubs, cooking on a budget classes, nutritional workshops and cooking demonstrations.

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    Citizens Advice Southwark

    • Citizens Advice Southwark Financial Skills for Life project

      We are Citizens Advice Southwark, operating since 1939 to give advice and information to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged residents of Southwark. We work in community settings throughout Southwark and strive to alleviate the worst effects of poverty and inequality.

      We'd like your help to start our Financial Skills for Life project, financial education targeted at the most vulnerable individuals and groups in our local community. The project will focus on people at risk of becoming financially excluded due to poverty, mental illness, homelessness and other factors.

      We'll help them improve their long term money management skills, confidence and financial awareness through sessions focusing on budgeting, debt awareness, how credit works and planning ahead financially. We plan to sustain this programme beyond training the first 250 people by helping them support their families, households and communities and training local volunteers so that the important work of the project can continue after the funding ends.

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    Dagenham Bangladeshi Women & Children's Association

    • Developing Financial Capability of BAME young people

      We are Dagenham Bangladeshi Women & Children's Association. We work for the benefit of local BAME groups by delivering a range of workshops and activities to help people live, learn and work well in an integrated community. We give advice on healthy eating, support the reduction of domestic violence, host a supplementary school for children and run sports and recreational classes.

      We want your help in Developing the Financial Capability of BAME young people. We plan to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged BAME unemployed people through developing their financial skills and supporting their involvement in enterprise or employment.

      Our project will recruit 50 young people and involve them in gardening, enterprise, cooking and IT workshops, supported by peer mentoring. Part of the programme will see them organise a food exhibition for their community, sharing some of what they have learned and showcasing their enterprise skills.

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    East End Citizens Advice Bureaux

    • Rising Up

      We are the East End Citizens Advice Bureaux, a local charity and member of the national Citizens Advice network. We provide life-changing, free, confidential and independent advice to people in Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets. We offer financial capability education and volunteer training programmes. We also research and campaign on the issues local people face to improve local and national policies and practices. We are mainly volunteers: we couldn't open our doors every day without our amazing volunteers.

      We seek your backing for our project Rising Up, helping improve life and financial skills for people living on low incomes. We'll use your funding to train 15 volunteers in financial skills and digital coaching and support.

      Our volunteers will then provide advice, training, money management and casework support to 300 local people on low incomes with problem debts, to equip them with the necessary skills and financial confidence to engage with the money challenges they face now and in the future. The programme will also help them improve their general money management skills and employment prospects.

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    • Echo++

      We're Echo. Echo fuels exchange between residents, small businesses and corporates to develop a diverse local business ecosystem and thriving, connected places. We do this via our exchange platform, and our business support programme, Echo++. Our exchange system is powered by our currency called the Echo, where everybody and everything is valued equally: 1 Echo for 1 hour. This foundation of equality underpins our approach to business support and our mission to create an inclusive entrepreneurial community in East London.

      We'd like you to help us continue to connect people with Echo++. Our business support initiative will connect budding entrepreneurs in East London with local business role models, accessible and relevant training, and a co-supportive peer network.

      We aim to widen access to entrepreneurship and offer holistic support to help early-stage businesses build firm foundations and have the best possible chance of success. With your funding we'll support 60 people to take their first step into entrepreneurship via our early-stage business support programmes. Our focus will be on engaging female and BAME entrepreneurs, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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    Harrow Mencap

    • Successful Women

      We are Enterprise Wellness, the trading arm of Harrow Mencap. For over thirty years, we have provided a range of wellbeing services supporting individuals, employees, businesses and third sector organisations. Our roots and ethos to 'bring business and communities together' are embedded in social entrepreneurship. We coach and mentor new, young and established business to start up, survive and prosper by providing diagnostic services during all stages of their business journey, as well as providing consultancy and training services.

      We'd like you to back our Successful Women programme, offering bespoke support to women aged 18-30 from BAME communities based in West London. Through training, workshops, intensive mentoring and peer networking the programme will help participants to develop confidence, overcome barriers, enhance skills and gather knowledge to start, run and grow a successful business.

      The programme will take 90 women from BAME communities who are interested in setting up their own business through an eight week bespoke training programme combined with mentoring and peer networking opportunities. Women can learn how to start and run their own business in a safe learning environment.

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    Hatch Enterprise

    • Hatch Female Founders Pre-Accelerator

      We are Hatch Enterprise. Since 2013, we have pioneered a unique approach to community enterprise incubation and entrepreneurship support activities across South London. We provide community-based entrepreneurship programmes to emerging entrepreneurs, through an eco-system of support that includes the provision of knowledge, mentorship and workspace. We are one of the UK's leading community enterprise charities tackling social inequality, and plan to support 1,000 entrepreneurs in South London by 2020.

      We would like, with your help, to establish a Female Founders Pre-Accelerator Programme, working with 20 ambitious female founders who have already set-up in business to provide them with the knowledge, tools, resources and access to networks to help them grow their business.

      We'll use your funding to run a dedicated 14-week programme of facilitated workshops featuring experts on everything from business modelling and financial planning to storytelling and marketing for SME's alongside one-to-one coaching and mentoring. We want participants, with our help and support, to super-charge their businesses.

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    • Inspired Events

      We are Inspire!, an education charity that works with schools, business and families to help young people fulfil their potential. Every year, we reach 15,000 students from Hackney and neighbouring boroughs, joining the dots between education and work to give young people the tools they need to succeed in later life. Because we know that 'you can't be what you can't see', we introduce students to a diverse range of employee volunteers, providing them with role models and broadening their horizons.

      We'd like you to back our initiative Inspired Events, enabling 13-14 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds to create and develop their own event management business supported by industry experts and workplace visits.

      Our termly programme of enterprise sessions and interactive workshops from industry experts in schools and local community settings will enable young people to create their own event management business. With your support we can bridge the gap between young people and employers, helping improve their teamwork, communication, financial literacy and confidence as well as raise awareness of the range of opportunities available by starting a business. Tailored work experience will embed skills, improve motivation and increase entrepreneurial and social capital.

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    Kahaila Ltd

    • Luminary Bakery

      We are Kahailia, a community charity based in Brick Lane. We have a space where community can happen; relaxation, entertainment, activities and socialising, and run a café with a conscience. We take an active role in addressing issues that affect us locally, nationally and beyond.

      We'd like your support in developing our Luminary Bakery training project, helping disadvantaged women into work, further training or enterprise. We started the Luminary Bakery training programme to help women who are unemployed and who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence, trafficking and/or criminal activity. Since 2014 we've supported 45 women and 88% have found work, started their own business or gone on to study.

      We'd now like to help 65 more women to thrive and find financial independence for their families by providing skills training, support networks, work experience and paid employment opportunities with local businesses. We'll back this up by covering childcare and travel costs to enable women to attend.

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    Money A+E UK Community Interest Company

    • Money Goes Digital

      We are Money A+E UK Community Interest Company (CIC). We have a vision and passion to transform the lives of BAME and disadvantaged communities through money advice and educational services. Our objectives are to increase residents' financial knowledge, skills and confidence and to strengthen the economic resilience of the community. We do this through one-to-one advice, workshops, mentoring and training programmes and through involvement in money campaigns. We love what we do and the people we support.

      We seek your backing for our project Money Goes Digital, a financial and digital inclusion project that will deliver workshops to BAME groups across a dozen London Boroughs. Beneficiaries will increase their financial knowledge, skills and confidence by learning how to navigate universal credit, budget better, use online money tools and prioritise sustaining tenancies.

      We'll use your funding to appoint a project worker to deliver workshops for 150 people, focusing on teaching participants the digital and IT skills that will allow them to take money management into their own hands.

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    • Money Works - Survival money management skills for the vulnerable

      We are MyBnk, a financial education charity specialising in creating highly engaging and impactful programmes for young people aged 7-25. In consultation with young people we have created a suite of innovative workshops, covering topics such as saving, budgeting, public finance and social enterprise. MyBnk places a key emphasis on learning by doing, through fun, participatory and engaging activities. Since our inception in 2007, we have reached more than 190,000 young people.

      We'd like your help to set up Money Works - survival money management skills for the vulnerable. We'll take 150 young people facing disadvantage and vulnerability in London through an 8-hour programme covering budgeting, banking, saving, independent living, welfare and setting goals. Those completing the course will gain an accreditation of level 1 in Personal Money Management.

      We believe the course will help remove some barriers for the young people taking part, making the transition to independent living smoother and giving them a safe forum to talk about money worries and how to tackle them.

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    Peter Bedford Housing Association

    • Financial Inclusion

      We are Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA). A pioneer of supported housing, we have been helping marginalised people into independence for over 40 years, offering supported tenancies and a range of support programmes to those at risk of homelessness. We work across NE London to shape brighter futures for disadvantaged adults at risk of long term exclusion from society.

      We'd like your support for our Financial Inclusion project. Targeted at tenants in arrears and/or those without a bank account, our comprehensive programme is designed to improve participants' financial capability, ensuring they can sustain current tenancies, navigate the benefits system and be better equipped to live independently.

      This one year programme will use a combination of drop-in services, one-to-one support, and workshops to help participants tackle any current financial issues and to give them the skills and confidence to manage their own financial affairs and issues like debt, universal credit and banking.

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    Settle Support

    • Settle Tenancy Mentoring

      We are Settle, an award winning charity that supports vulnerable young people moving into their first home. We aim to prevent youth homelessness by equipping at-risk young people with the money and life skills they need to live independently. We do this by delivering the Settle programme, consisting of one-to-one weekly support sessions on topics ranging from budgeting to cooking cheap and healthy meals. These sessions are delivered by our accredited and experienced Programme Officers at the young person's home.

      We'd like your help in setting up our Settle Tenancy Mentoring service, which will help young people at high risk of tenancy failure to stay in their own homes. The programme supports vulnerable young people moving into their first home by equipping them with the money and life skills they need to live independently.

      We plan to support people over a 12-month period, helping them retain their tenancies and avoid eviction and homelessness, preventing rent arrears from escalating and improving their confidence in money management.

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    Somali Integration & Development Association (SIDA)

    • Finances & Futures" [The Young Somali Financial Capability Initiative]

      We are the Somali Integration & Development Association (SIDA), founded in 1989 to support people of all ages and both genders from the Somali Community through advice, education, training, health services and social and developmental activities.

      We'd like your funding for our project Finances and Futures - the young Somali financial capability initiative - helping disadvantaged young Somali develop life and financial skills. The course will cover personal budgeting, business spreadsheets, opening and managing a bank account, career planning and business ideas, skills training and development.

      We believe that the course will help participants improve their confidence and learn new skills, inspiring them to go on to further training and development. They will also leave the course able to manage their money and with greater financial literacy.

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    West Lea School

    • Think Big & Succeed

      We are West Lea School, focussed on providing 'Learning for Life' for pupils aged 4-25 with special educational needs. We are part of the Edmonton Community Partnership which provides enrichment activities across the deprived Edmonton area. We celebrate the achievements of each child, within the context of his/her abilities and potential. We take into account our children's needs, capabilities and aspirations for the future. We want all of our students to leave us with the skills necessary for an independent life.

      We want you to help us encourage children to Think Big and Succeed, through a fun, informative project teaching disadvantaged children about business and enterprise. The children taking part will learn key enterprise skills including product development, market research, pricing and profit and loss. They'll get to put these skills into practice as they develop and trial their own business plans, pitching their ideas and products to panels in the style of the Apprentice and Dragon's Den.

      We plan on making the impact of your funding last beyond this project by training more people to deliver the programme and running it again after this cohort of 900 pupils has moved on.

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    Young and Inspired

    • Conquer the Kitchen

      We are Young and Inspired. Our vision is to empower multiple-disadvantaged children and young people to beat financial, social and academic barriers so that they can have a great childhood and a healthy transition into adulthood. We aim to empower them with the tools to break free from the vicious intergenerational cycle of poverty, unemployment and low aspirations. We also aim to strengthen the young family unit, the best way of ensuring that children`s physical, emotional and academic needs are met.

      We want you to help us help teenage parents and parents-to-be Conquer the Kitchen. We plan to empower participants with the confidence and skills they need to shop for, prepare and cook healthy meals for their family.

      This project will help women start their families on the right financial footing, not only teaching them cooking skills but also giving them the confidence, skills and motivation to understand their finances, stick to budgets and steer clear of financial traps. By helping the participants prepare wholesome meals and gain new skills, we hope to improve their and their families' physical and emotional health and strengthen the family unit.

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    Youth Engagement Solutions Ltd

    • YES-Supporting Enterprise for Youth

      We are Youth Engagement Solutions Ltd (YES), a charity which aims to turn disadvantaged young people (up to the age of 30) away from criminal activity, unemployment and social exclusion whilst helping them to play an active role in their communities. We provide programmes of prevention, intervention and sustainability to those who either show signs of disaffection or are already disengaged. YES encourages these young people to challenge the expectations of those around them and achieve good social, health and economic outcomes.

      We'd like your backing for our programme Supporting Enterprise for Youth, giving young people, up to the age of 30, the necessary skills, knowledge and support to develop and/or successfully maintain their own business.

      We'll use your funding to support a minimum of 50 disadvantaged young entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas by providing individual tailored business support to meet their specific needs and circumstances. We'll providing practical training, one-to-one support, including mentoring from the business community, together with back room services so they start, sustain and scale up their business idea to create community wealth and employment for others.

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    Actes Trust

    • Your Money

      We are Actes Trust. We aim to inspire individuals to realise their full potential and achieve change through enterprising solutions. We work closely with communities throughout Tees Valley, helping to reduce unemployment and isolation. In fact, our strength lies in community engagement and working with clients to help them progress towards their goals, be that in education, training, employment or a more stable lifestyle.

      We’d like your help for our project Your Money, helping young people manage money more effectively and improve their quality of life. We will deliver money management advice and training on topics including budgeting, banking, debt, financial planning, affordable credit, and digital financial skills.

      We believe our project will give young people the knowledge and support to enable them to become more financially capable and take control of their money. It will help them make more informed choices around their finances and both avoid and resolve issues around debt.

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    Alt Valley Community Trust

    • Self-employment Ladder to Social Inclusion

      We are Alt Valley Community Trust, a social enterprise that aims to support residents of acutely disadvantaged communities in the Alt Valley area of Liverpool. We do this by providing education and training to enable people who are excluded and/or socially isolated to acquire and develop vocational skills, achieve their employment goals and live fulfilled lives.

      We want you to help us get people on the Self-employment ladder to social inclusion by supporting people from acutely disadvantaged communities through a self-employment learning and experience programme.

      The programme will focus on 25 adults from acutely disadvantaged communities within the 1% most disadvantaged in the UK, challenged by mental health issues, learning difficulties, low self-esteem and caring responsibilities. For many of these people, the ‘standard’ 9am-to-5pm working life simply doesn’t fit. We will support them to gain the enterprise skills to become successfully self-employed, fully integrate into the community and live fulfilled lives, helped along by positive role models who have overcome similar barriers.

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    Better Leeds Communities

    • Money Matters

      We are Better Leeds Communities. We work to make Leeds a better place to live by bringing the city’s diverse and marginalised communities together and by offering opportunities for personal development. We work to empower residents to work in and with their communities; build community dialogues; and support community led solutions. Our mission is to create opportunities that enable residents to achieve their potential by raising aspirations, removing barriers and developing abilities to create healthier communities, reduce poverty and improve social cohesion.

      We’d like your support for our project Money Matters, helping parents on low incomes whose children live in poverty to gain the financial skills to change their circumstances. We’ll use both financial surgeries, which give people a chance to talk about and get support with any financial concerns, and workshops, which take participants through the basics of budgeting and getting the best prices for services, to instil knowledge and confidence into those taking part.

      With our help and improved financial knowledge and skills, parents living in financial hardship will be able to make informed choices; understand and prioritise debt; devise and manage a budget; be less likely to fall into financial difficulties; and help lift children out of living in poverty.

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    Citizens Advice Rossendale & Hyndburn Limited

    • Money Confidence

      We are Citizens Advice Rossendale and Hyndburn, a small local charity based in the towns of Bacup and Accrington in East Lancashire. The work we do helps people solve the problems that they face, through advice, support and advocacy. We also challenge unfair practices and discrimination and campaign locally and nationally to make changes for the better.

      We seek your help in delivering Money Confidence, a financial skills project for young people with special educational needs or from deprived communities.

      We’ll show 150 young people from the area how to be more financially secure, how to deal with existing debts and avoid getting into debt in the future, and increase confidence in their own ability to deal with money matters.

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    Firvale Community Hub

    • Money Talks

      We are Firvale Community Hub, the community anchor at the centre of Firvale. Residents of all ethnicities from the most disadvantaged areas of Sheffield bring issues they cannot resolve to our doors. We provide an advice, information and advocacy service offering support with welfare rights, money advice, debt, employment, consumer and housing issues, as well as a translation and interpretation service. We aim to ensure that our clients can fully integrate into society, contributing to and enjoying the benefits of our city.

      We’d like your support for our Money Talks initiative, offering workshops and courses in financial literacy and money management to BAME people living in the deprived communities of Sheffield. We want to reach people who struggle with debt and whose problems are increased by English being a recently learned language, making it more difficult to navigate financial information.

      We will provide 96 people with classes in financial capability, helping them to make effective choices, budget within their means and learn how to manage a bank account and electronic bill payments. As well as improving their financial skills, knowledge and confidence, the course will help participants develop language skills and reduce stress.

      Four residents with a commitment to long term volunteering will be trained to deliver the courses alongside qualified teachers, meaning we can continue to help people after the funding has ended.

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    Groundwork South Yorkshire

    • Money Matters: Building Business

      We are Groundwork South Yorkshire, supporting disadvantaged communities through improved enterprise, skills, employability and environment. Our mission is to promote active citizenship by helping people develop their potential across South Yorkshire. Our projects seek to inspire all sections of the community and find practical solutions to the challenges that they face, whether this is participating in training and education, securing employment, creating a sustainable business enterprise or developing their local environment.

      We’d like your help with our project Money Matters: Building Business, financial management and business finance training for people on low incomes or who are long term unemployed that will help them into self-employment or to establish a business.

      We want to help people improve their money management skills and gain a better understanding of business finances, as well as increasing their confidence and self-belief. We believe this will help them into sustained employment, self-employment or to start their own businesses, creating opportunities for them, their families and their communities.

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    Inter Madrassah Organisation

    • Pounds and Pence

      We are the Inter Madrassah Organisation, based in Blackburn. We have been working here for 10 years, supporting our diverse communities marginalised by high levels of poverty, deprivation and poor mental-wellbeing. Our main aims are to help individuals to overcome these challenges, to make a difference and to help them fulfil their potential. We achieve these aims through a combination of services, beyond those offered by other providers, in health and wellbeing, education and employability and community safety and resilience.

      We seek your support for our Pounds and Pence project, working with local BAME women to address money management issues and alleviate associated stress. We will offer practical information and support to those facing language barriers and lacking basic skills and confidence to address debt, fuel poverty, money-saving measures and getting their overall finances under control.

      We hope our project will improve the financial capability of 120 BAME women from Blackburn. Alongside information and guidance the participants will learn to research and compare information, empowering them to make informed financial choices in the future.

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    Knowsley Disability Concern

    • Managing My Money

      We are Knowsley Disability Concern, a charity helping local people who have physical and/or learning disabilities, autism and long term conditions to live as independently as possible. We provide practical advice, group support, learning programmes and other services that enable people to make their own decisions, have choice over the services they need and be in control of their lives.

      We’d like you to partner us in delivering Managing My Money, a programme of learning and development activities about money specifically designed for adults with learning difficulties.

      We’ll run a series of 2-hour sessions in local community settings familiar to the learners focusing on money management, including personal banking, benefits, bills, budgeting and savings. At the end of the programme, participants will know how much money they have, what it is worth, where it comes from and how they can choose to spend it. They will be able to open and operate their own bank account, understand how to manage money and plan their finances.

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    Mencap Liverpool

    • Money Mentors

      We are Mencap Liverpool, a small independent organisation working with individuals who have a learning disability. We work by connecting people to each other and giving them the skills and confidence they deserve to help them overcome the additional barriers they face. We run an outreach service to help people who are socially isolated and facing crisis situations, nine different social activities, a range of workshops, volunteering opportunities, a befriending project and individual coaching sessions to help people overcome specific issues.

      We’d like your help in developing Money Mentors, improving the financial literacy of people who have a learning disability and training them to deliver financial education to their peers as mentors.

      Through workshops and one-to-one training, we’ll help vulnerable people to establish and maintain good financial habits and learn about money management. Participants can then increase their knowledge, expand their skills and gain confidence by becoming a peer mentor at subsequent workshops, passing on what they have learned to other people.

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    Oasis Aquila Housing

    • Finding the Change

      We are Oasis Aquila Housing, a housing and homelessness charity based in the North East of England with 30 years’ experience delivering bespoke, effective services for vulnerably housed and homeless people.

      The people we work with are vulnerable for a number of reasons including relationship breakdown, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, domestic violence, and mental and physical health issues. We support them for as long as it takes on their journey to independence and living fulfilled lives.

      We’d like your support for our project Finding the Change, helping vulnerable people in Gateshead and Sunderland to improve their financial situation; increasing their ability to manage money independently, maximising their income and reducing personal debt.

      We plan to employ a financial capability worker to work with people in a personalised way, meeting them in a safe, friendly and accessible place, and helping them to understand and overcome the many barriers which cause them financial problems. The impact will reach even further as the improvement will be felt by their families and communities.

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    Participate Projects

    • Social Venture Partnership

      We are Participate, a community development charity that delivers a unique service to some of the most disadvantaged communities. We find people with exciting ideas to change their lives and communities, but who lack the necessary skills, resources or experience to turn their ideas into sustainable social ventures, then support them to establish social enterprises and community businesses.

      We’d like you to join us in setting up a Social Venture Partnership, helping develop the skills of people from disadvantaged areas so that they can set up new community or social enterprises. We will provide them with a programme of social venture support, incorporating our excellent Social Venture School, training, skills workshops, one-to-one coaching, income diversification, mentoring, a peer network and practical support to kick-start their community business.

      The programme will support 40 individuals and establish 20 new socially focused businesses.

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    Reviving the Heart of the West End (RHWE Ltd)

    • Business Sparks

      We are Reviving the Heart of the West End, a local charity in the west end of Newcastle. We offer opportunities and practical support to help local people find jobs and ways to start their own businesses. We provide a range of business support, employability training, educational and volunteer programmes specifically for young people and working age adults to improve their skills and learning, develop networks and gain valuable experience.

      We seek your funding for our project Business Sparks, supporting 16-30 year olds from disadvantaged areas of Newcastle to explore and develop ideas for starting a business. Through group workshops, one-to-one advice, test trading events and support from local business mentors we will increase enterprise skills and technical knowledge whilst supporting clients to achieve their aspirations.

      We plan to help reduce barriers to enterprise and employment for 40 young people from disadvantaged communities in Newcastle, giving them the confidence to explore their skills and talents and develop practical business ideas.

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    Streets Ahead for Information

    • Streets Ahead for Your Money

      We are Streets Ahead for Information, based in Gresham, a working class area that suffers from high levels of unemployment, poor health and low educational attainment. We work to provide support in education and employment, prevent crime and antisocial behaviour, highlight environmental issues and develop community activities. Streets Ahead is a charity at the heart of the local community and we work hard to improve the lives of our local residents.

      We’d like your help to support residents in getting Streets Ahead for Your Money, improving the financial capabilities and enterprise skills of local people. We want them to move away from a reliance on benefits, loan sharks and door-step loans, instead budgeting for their needs with the money they have.

      Workshops will focus on how to budget, access the best online utility deals and save for the future. We want to make a difference to the local community by improving their skills and building a financial capability support group.

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    The Millin Charity


      We are the Millin Charity, helping people to get further by working together. Since 1999 we have worked with people in the local community facing significant challenges, experiencing isolation or simply running out of options and not sure where to go next. Our enterprise-based learning and development services are in high demand locally, particularly from women facing significant barriers to becoming financially independent; through introducing them to a supportive community of like-minded women they develop the confidence and skills they need to change their lives.

      We seek your backing for our #ACHANCETOTRADE initiative, enabling 60 unemployed women to fast-track their enterprise idea from a product or service they make at home to one they sell to the public.

      We want to help women with good ideas turn them into a business that will make them financially independent. We’ll offer unique accredited training, trading advice, experiences, pop-up market stalls, links to trading routes, bespoke workshops, local experts, mentors and a supportive network of like-minded women to help them get there. By the end of the project we expect to see 25 women who were unemployed or economically inactive progress to registering a start-up business.

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    Voluntary and Community Action Trafford

    • Supporting Enterprising Women Into Business

      We are Voluntary and Community Action Trafford, a registered charity and the only membership led Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Support and Development Agency in Trafford. We aim to deliver projects benefitting the most disadvantaged people in our communities.

      We’d like your help in Supporting Enterprising Women into Business. Our project offers socially and / or economically disadvantaged women with good ideas the chance to develop the skills and confidence needed to turn their ideas into businesses. Support comes in the form of comprehensive business skills workshops, one-to-one advice, coaching and mentoring.

      Women will leave the project with increased confidence, self-esteem, motivation and resilience and with a network of peer support around them to help them keep going as they set up their own enterprises.

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    Wavertree Citizens Advice Bureau (T/A Citizens Advice East Liverpool)

    • Moodle Money

      We are Wavertree Citizens Advice, part of the combined Citizens Advice Liverpool service, the city's leading free and independent advice provider. Working with almost 100 trained volunteers, we deliver advice and support services to the city's most disadvantaged communities, with a focus on empowering people to resolve immediate money and other issues, manage their money better and prevent problems occurring. We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination in all that we do.

      We’d like your help to develop Moodle Money, an online financial capability training platform and accredited training course for our volunteers and the people they work with. We’ll train 40 volunteers in financial capability skills, then set up Digital Hubs at community locations so they can support people to get online, resolve their money issues and improve their money management skills and financial confidence.

      We recognise that people's ability to manage and maintain personal finances is increasingly linked to issues of digital access and confidence. Our Moodle Money project aims to ensure that our volunteers are equipped, qualified and ready to help disadvantaged people address the twin challenges of financial and digital exclusion by supporting them in using online resources to manage their money more effectively and make good financial choices

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    Yorkshire Coast Enterprise Ltd

    • Fit for Business

      We are Yorkshire Coast Enterprise, a not-for-profit Enterprise Agency covering the North Yorkshire Coast. For 32 years, we have been a vital community service in the region, giving support to over 300 businesses every year. We strive to address the needs of our local community by adapting our services and innovatively developing our offering to meet these needs.

      We’d like your funding to help us get people Fit for Business. We’ll deliver a programme of support to help 40 people learn the skills needed to set up and run a successful business whilst looking after their wellbeing and remaining healthy.

      Becoming self-employed can be daunting and isolating. We want to help people overcome these challenges and enjoy a healthy work / life balance. We’ll support them with a range of enterprise and wellbeing sessions as they set up on their own, bolstering their mental, emotional and physical resilience to help them make a success of self-employment.

  • Vote

    Aaina Community Hub

    • Tackling Money Worries

      We are Aaina Community Hub, based in Central Walsall. We deliver life-enhancing opportunities for women of all ages and abilities, in particular those affected by economic hardship and marginalisation. Aaina provides pathways out of poverty through education, volunteering, support services and community engagement initiatives linked to enterprise and employment that lead to independence, empowerment and improved life choices.

      We'd like your help in starting a new project, Tackling Money Worries, equipping newly arrived and marginalised women living in poverty with financial capability skills. We want to help them improve their budgeting and spending intelligence, gain digital online literacy skills and show them how to manage money and maximise income.

      The project will address the impact of poverty on low income families and provide wider opportunities that lead to enterprise and employment, instil confidence and independence in the women taking part, aid personal development and reduce vulnerability. We want to enable women to make positive life choices that have a long term impact, leading to pathways out of poverty.

  • Vote

    Accommodation Concern

    • Financial Capability Skills

      We are Accommodation Concern. We deliver housing, debt, welfare, benefits, health, well-being and employability projects to prevent and alleviate poverty, hardship, need and distress. We do this by providing advice, support, court representation, accredited training and educational services to people in need. Our clients are socially, geographically and economically disadvantaged.

      We'd like you to support our project Financial Capability Skills. We will offer budgeting advice, practical help and accredited training to people in need of financial capability assistance. We meet many people who are vulnerable and struggling to manage their finances and hope that this project will help them to take control of their money and live happier, healthier lives.

      We aim to give people the tools to help themselves. Combining advice, practical support and education through certified training, we will build people's skills and confidence levels so that they are able to make informed decisions about their finances and budgeting. This will encourage independence and ensure financial and social sustainability. The wider impact of this project will be the reduction of homelessness and poverty and the strengthening of people's well-being and coping strategies.

  • Vote

    Anglia Care Trust

    • Move to Freedom

      We are Anglia Care Trust (ACT), a charity which helps people to keep a roof over their heads, feel safe and be heard. To do this, we provide housing, support, advice, advocacy and mentoring. The people we help come from a broad range of backgrounds including victims of domestic abuse, children in care, homeless adults, long term unemployed and offenders seeking to resettle into the community.

      We'd like you to support us in helping people Move to Freedom, providing financial capability sessions to victims of domestic abuse who are currently living in refuge or receiving support from domestic abuse services.

      Working with male and female victims of domestic abuse, we'll help them understand their finances and the financial situation the perpetrator has created, show them how to take control of their finances, often for the first time, and build their money management skills.

      We plan to work with 200 victims of domestic abuse, enabling them to learn valuable financial management skills to help rebuild their and their children's lives, free from abuse.

  • Vote

    Aquarius Action Projects

    • Money Wise @ Evolve

      We are Aquarius. We enable those who are struggling with alcohol and drug misuse and problematic gambling, and their family members, to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives. We support individuals to develop their resilience and reduce their risk of relapse by providing opportunities to learn new skills and gain qualifications, gain new interests and hobbies, strengthen family relationships and friendships, and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

      We seek your funding for our project Money Wise @ Evolve. Working with young people who've experienced addiction (substance & gambling), homelessness and/or mental health problems, our project will provide training to improve financial and numeracy skills and enable these young people to manage their personal finances more effectively.

      This financial skills programme will take place alongside the work already happening at Evolve, a new café in Digbeth. The café supports young people who have experienced addiction, mental health issues, homelessness, and/or time in care to learn catering and hospitality skills in a hands-on way. With the financial capability skills to back these up, the young people involved will be in a good place to succeed in employment and life.

  • Vote

    Cambridge and District Citizens Advice Bureau

    • Eat or Heat

      We are Cambridge CAB. Our team of staff and volunteers provide information, advice and training on a range of issues relating to welfare benefits, debt, money management, employment, housing and relationships. For this project we will be working in partnership with Cambridge Women's Resource Centre which provides a safe space and practical information, advice, support, guidance and training to women in need.

      We need your support for our project Eat or Heat. This is a choice faced by many vulnerable women in Cambridge coping with serious disadvantage. A partnership project between CAB, Cambridge Women's Resource Centre and the Dawn Project, Eat or Heat will provide financial capability training to women in Cambridge trying to get 'back on track'. Most of these women are experiencing financial and social poverty, are ex-offenders, have mental health issues and are at risk of homelessness.

      Our small team will work with 200 women who are facing major issues in their lives, giving them practical financial education training covering budgeting, money maximisation and debt/fuel issues in workshops and one-to-one bookable sessions.

  • Vote

    Campaign for Learning

    • Family Fortunes Community Learning Hub

      We are the Campaign for Learning. We provide opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalised families to learn together and develop new skills and knowledge that make their lives better. Nearly one in three children in the UK is growing up in poverty. We work with families to help them manage and save money, and support them to get access to good financial advice and specialist debt support before they reach crisis point.

      We need your backing for our project Family Fortunes, a family learning approach that engages parents to develop the skills, understanding and behaviours to improve their families' financial wellbeing. We will provide families in Birmingham with training and support to help them manage and save money on everyday family expenditure.

      The project will work directly with 60 families to teach them money skills and then recruit, train and support 20 parents to be financial champions in their local community. The champions will become part of a Family Fortunes Learning Network that will sustain and grow a learning community to provide ongoing peer support.

  • Vote

    Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire

    • Moneywise

      We are Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire. We aim to provide the advice people need for the problems they face and improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives. We provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination.

      We'd like your backing for our Moneywise project, helping people to make the most of their money. We want to employ specialist advisers to talk to people about their money and benefits and make sure they are accessing everything that can help them live independently. We also aim to improve the financial capability of beneficiaries in order that they make best use of any additional income gained.

      We plan to promote this new service on social media and through our partner networks to reach as many people as possible: we hope to help around 2,000 people make the most of their money.

  • Vote

    Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire

    • Money talks

      We are Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire, providing independent, confidential, free information and advice services to the people of West Oxfordshire. We provide a wide range of information and advice services, covering issues such as money, housing, employment and consumer rights. We deliver services using local volunteers who are highly trained and supported in a variety of rewarding roles.

      We'd like your support for our project Money Talks, helping people at risk of, or already experiencing debt, make the most of their money. We will provide financial capability mentoring and a range of information and support services, including group events, workshops and individual coaching sessions. The 300 people taking part will learn tips, tricks and tools to reduce household expenses, how to use the money they have effectively and methods to avoid the devastating effects that losing control of our money can have.

      We want to build the participants' skills and confidence to manage their money effectively and help them work out financial strategies that lead to lifelong financial resilience.

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    Community Recording Studio

    • Liferewards

      We are the Community Recording Studio. We use the music, art and science of studio recording to help young people advance in life and develop the skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible adults.

      We'd like your support for Liferewards, a financial peer education project. We'll support young people to make an engaging, quality, appealing film about money and finance. This will help the people taking part gain many different skills, as well as learning about money management, and will give the young people that watch the film a financial education.

      We hope that by letting young people lead the creative process and making the final product edgy and relevant, we'll reach people less likely to be engaged by traditional approaches to financial education. We think we have the potential to bring financial education alive for thousands of people.

  • Vote

    Dosh Financial Advocacy

    • Your money. Your life.

      We are Dosh Financial Advocacy. We support people with a learning disability to be more independent and in control of their money. We believe that everyone should have the support they need to use their money in the way they want, achieve their goals and live independent lives. We have financial advocates across the country who talk one-to-one to local people about benefits, budgeting, banking and bills. Dosh also delivers training on money skills, making financial decisions and budgeting.

      We seek your support for our project Your money, Your life, building the financial skills and knowledge of young people with a learning disability and supporting them to become more confident around money. We will focus on developing independent living skills like budgeting, saving and paying bills, in a fun and friendly way, using accessible tools and games.

      We will offer four groups of 25 young people (aged 16-30) with a learning disability a series of four workshops on managing their money. We will also work with their families and carers on how to support them to manage their money independently.

  • Vote

    Dudley District Citizens Advice Bureaux

    • Money Confidence

      We are Citizens Advice Dudley Borough, a charity founded in 1939. We offer free, independent, confidential and impartial advice, information and support to some of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised people in our communities. We offer general advice as well as case working on 11 advice enquiry areas including benefits, money and debt, employment, housing, relationships, discrimination and consumer rights.

      We seek your support to fund our Money Confidence financial capability project. The training is aimed at supporting young carers, care leavers and parents who are experiencing poverty and debt to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their money well and improve their quality of life.

      The project will be delivered through one-to-one sessions and small group workshops and we will be training people to pass on what they have learnt to others.

  • Vote


    • Doing it for Yourself

      We are Nwes World of Work (WoW), dedicated to connecting employers and educational establishments to help shape the workforce of the future. We form strong links between businesses and learning providers across Norfolk and Suffolk and enhance young people's learning through a range of enterprise education activities such as work-related learning enterprise education, STEM activities, and work experience placements.

      We would like your support for our project Doing it for Yourself, helping young people explore self-employment as a future option. The project will encourage students to consider starting a business as a real option, explore the benefits and barriers and share the support, advice and guidance available in the local community.

      Year 8 students will take part in an enterprise day and Year 10 students will receive an introduction to self-employment, including access to a new online platform and support from Business Advisers and Partners.

  • Vote

    POW Nottingham

    • POW's Financial Clinic

      We are POW Nottingham. We provide drop in and outreach support for the sex working community of the Nottingham area. We offer sexual health screening, contraception, a drug clinic and benefit advice. In recent years we have extended our services and now deliver support in the form of our award winning RAiSE programme (Raising Awareness in Child Sexual Exploitation). We have a team of hugely dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters who are committed to working with our often vulnerable clients.

      We seek your support for our weekly Financial Clinic, finance and benefit advice workshops delivered to our vulnerable clients over the course of the year. They'll receive tailored support to learn about and navigate the roll out of Universal Credit in October 2018. Without this support, many of our clients will either not receive funds or will recklessly spend money and get caught in a vicious downward spiral, leading to dangerous choices, often involving drugs. Our financial education project is aimed at reaching almost all of our 328 clients.

      This project is part of our commitment to provide non-judgemental support that ensures our clients have access to health and wellbeing services and advice on benefits and finance. These are individuals who are often from difficult upbringings that deserve the right to make their own choices.

  • Vote

    Sikh Nari Manch UK

    • The YES! Project

      We are Sikh Nari Manch UK, working in North Birmingham where levels of unemployment are high and many people live alone on low incomes. Our Northside Welcome Centre is open to all the community; our aim is to help individuals prosper and achieve to their highest potential. We offer one-to-one support, job clubs, work preparation, computing, short courses and workshops to nurture 'mind, body and soul'. Our thriving centre has 550+ users a year and is run almost entirely by volunteers.

      We'd like your help to start our YES! Project, which aims to increase the ability of unemployed adults experiencing multiple challenges to make the most of their money and improve their lives. We will offer a 'Financial Freedom' workshop programme, debt counselling, tailored employability options and wellbeing workshops two days a week, enabling 36 local residents to increase their self-confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing whilst shaping clearer achievable goals for the future.

      At the end, we want everyone to say 'YES! I can achieve those goals I thought were unattainable'. Certificates of Achievement will be awarded and any OCN qualifications attained along the way.

  • Vote

    Soft Touch Arts

    • Soft Sell at Soft Touch Arts

      We are Soft Touch Arts. Since 1986 we have been creating opportunity for and changing the lives of young people with multiple life-challenges. These young people struggle to access activities that benefit their personal development, health and wellbeing because mainstream education and other statutory support has failed them. We offer a range of creative projects and mentoring to improve young people's education and employment prospects so they have a more independent and positive future and are able to contribute to the local community.

      We'd like your backing for our project Soft Sell, helping disadvantaged but creatively talented young people to develop saleable art, craft and design products and sell their work and services. We believe this project will improve the life chances of 50 young people aged 16-25, who have had a difficult start in life and are unemployed or struggling in education.

      Participants will gain confidence, develop communication skills and creative talent and develop skills and experience in making and selling work to the public and online. The project will be delivered by creative support staff at weekly skills and personal development sessions, supported by business advice and mentoring from local business and creative professionals.

  • Vote

    The Carers Centre Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

    • Making Every Penny Count

      We are The Carers Centre LLR, a Leicestershire based charity dedicated to supporting carers who provide ongoing support to a relative or friend who, due to ill health, long term condition or disability cannot manage without their help. We give carers dedicated practical and emotional support, helping them to cope with their situations within their own homes. Every year, our support makes a huge difference to over 3,000 local carers struggling to cope.

      We'd like you to join us in helping carers get the support they need through our project Making Every Penny Count. We aim to provide unpaid carers (who are supporting loved ones at home) with appropriate financial education alongside an individually tailored money management advice service. They'll learn how to manage personal budgets and make the most of money management opportunities, improving both their day to day lives and future life chances.

      Carers who take part in the training programme will be also given the chance to accredit their learning, increasing future opportunities in education, training and work.

  • Vote

    Voluntary Action LeicesterShire

    • IDEA - Inspiring Diverse Enterprise in Action

      We are Voluntary Action LeicesterShire. We believe in helping people change their lives for the better. We do this by helping people into volunteering, enabling community organisations to develop and offering employability and learning disabilities services.

      We would like your help in making our IDEA come to life. IDEA - Inspiring Diverse Enterprise in Action will support individuals from deprived BAME communities to learn about, connect with and start up social enterprises.

      We'll work with 30 people to help them understand social enterprise, transform and increase their entrepreneurial skills and gain accredited qualifications. We'll use a range of resources including specialist advice, face to face training, distance learning, peer support and online guides to support their entrepreneurial goals and help them start up their own enterprise.

      Everyone who joins the programme will improve their entrepreneurial skills and gain qualifications, and we hope that around half will start their own enterprise.

  • Vote

    Worcester Community Trust

    • Construction traders of the future

      We are Worcester Community Trust. We manage six community centres in Worcester and run a range of community projects that change the lives of local people every day. We offer everything from youth services and family support to community outreach and construction skills training. Our Building Block service enables the local community to take part in workshops to learn or develop their DIY or building skills.

      We'd like your help to develop Construction traders of the future. We will train 12 people in construction skills and give them support to set up their own business in the construction industry. The people taking part will be unemployed and face multiple barriers to work, such as health problems, learning difficulties or disabilities. Training will cover construction skills such as bricklaying, plastering, plumbing, electrical work and woodwork.

      As well as training, we'll offer support and encouragement to participants, helping them gain confidence and make positive changes in their lives.

  • Vote

    Act On It

    • Moneybags

      We are Act On It. We use drama to have fun and engage hard to reach groups, helping them back into education. We support educational community projects that lead to greater confidence, raised aspirations and better lives.

      We seek your suport for our Moneybags initiative, a drama project using role play scenarios to explore, develop and realise money management strategies. We will work with disadvantaged 14 to 16 year olds, excluded from school. The young people taking part will gain a greater understanding of how to budget, save and handle money in their day-to-day lives.

      The participants of the initiative will then create a role play 'book' to share what they have learned with other groups. Containing hints, photos and information on money management, the book will be self published on Amazon and help even more people gain financial management skills.

  • Vote


    • The Financial Fitness Project

      We are Bechange, a charity supporting families in all aspects affecting their day-to-day living. We look at the whole person and their family, not just the problem, to make sure that the support they receive is holistic and suited to their individual needs. We help people to make positive change.

      We'd like your help to get people in shape financially. Our Financial Fitness Programme will teach people simple financial techniques to enable them to budget more effectively and avoid getting into debt. Through creative and enjoyable activities we'll help people gain skills so they can manage their money and become financially resilient, leading to a community that is financially included and confident.

      48 people will learn new skills to make the most of their money through our programme.

  • Vote

    Canterbury Vineyard Church

    • Money management courses

      We are Canterbury Vineyard Church, equipping, empowering and supporting our congregation to bring the disadvantaged relief from poverty. We aim to initiate projects that fulfil gaps in statutory, charity and voluntary sectors to meet the needs of the community. We run three City Impact projects: the Local Debt Centre, Community Choir and Empower Women.

      We'd like your help in expanding our Debt Centre services to include free Money Management Services, delivering budgeting training and support to help prevent people getting into debt. We will target people vulnerable to debt because of mental health issues, unemployment, low incomes, relationship breakdown and poor support networks. We will provide the tools and coaching needed to make good financial choices to 144 people and hope that they will then share this knowledge with friends and family.

  • Vote

    Carers FIRST

    • Carers Rights Programme

      We are Carers FIRST, a charity supporting people who look after a relative or friend who, due to ill health, physical or mental illness, disability, frailty, or addiction, cannot manage without their support. We provide information, advice, guidance, emotional support, training and activities and give carers an opportunity to have a break from their caring role. Caring can be a rewarding and positive experience: without the right help it can be overwhelming.

      We'd like you to join us in supporting carers through the Carers Rights Programme, aimed at helping carers and the cared for access eligible entitlements, maximising their household incomes and relieving them from poverty. The programme will train volunteers (many of them carers themselves) to deliver the support and skills required to improve the financial capability of disadvantaged carers.

      We will help those taking part maximise their income, refine their long-term money management, build financial awareness and increase their knowledge, confidence and skills in navigating a complex benefits system.

  • Vote

    CAS Community Solutions - CIC

    • Make it Count

      We are CAS Community Solutions - CIC. We specialise in supporting local people back into work, self-employment, training and volunteering. We also teach English language skills for those with no or low English, and provide training in digital skills, literacy, numeracy and finance.

      We seek your backing for our project Make it Count, delivering weekly money management sessions to local people needing support with debt and financial management. The sessions will look at budgeting, attitudes to money and debt, saving strategies and planning ahead. Participants will also gain the digital skills and knowledge to bank and budget online and be shown how to harness digital technology to get the best deals on things like insurance and fuel.

      We hope to support 100 people with group and 1:1 sessions aimed at increasing their financial knowledge and confidence.

  • Vote

    Citizens Advice Rushmoor

    • CLEAR (Community Learning, Empowerment and Resilience)

      We are Citizens Advice Rushmoor. We're here for everyone, value diversity, champion equality and challenge discrimination. We provide the advice people need for the problems they face and influence the policies and practices that affect people's lives. Our service is free, independent, confidential and impartial.

      We want you to help make things CLEAR for the community. CLEAR (Community Learning, Empowerment and Resilience) aims to build financial skills, knowledge and capability within the vulnerable and marginalised Nepali community in the local area. We've developed a programme that will tackle key challenges relating to money, energy, housing costs and banking; prevent vulnerability to scams and loan sharks; and provide a legacy of a more included, resilient and independent community.

      The project will be coordinated by a Nepali-speaking specialist and delivered by Community Champions, individuals selected and trained to share vital financial training and insights with the local Nepali community.

  • Vote

    Kingston Carers' Network

    • Making Carers Financially Capable

      We are Kingston Carers' Network, supporting and improving the lives of carers of all ages. We help carers through a holistic range of services including advice and advocacy (including in hospital and GP surgeries), respite breaks, wellbeing activities, counselling and emotional support. We support around 3,500 carers, including 600 young carers (aged 5-18). Support to young carers includes: respite activities programme, weekly youth groups, in-school support, one-to-one mentoring, advice and advocacy and wellbeing/life skills training.

      We'd like your help Making Carers Financially Capable, allowing carers to maximise their income and take control over their financial future. We will deliver a programme of information sessions and training workshops to equip carers with a range of knowledge and skills such as making decisions about care, preparing wills and trusts, housing issues, prioritising spending and debt and avoiding scams.

      We will also provide one-to-one advice and advocacy to those taking part, to maximise income for both carers and the people they care for.

  • Vote

    Little Gate Farm

    • Little Gate Disability Led Events Management Project

      We are Little Gate Farm and we help adults with learning disabilities to find paid employment by giving them training in work related skills and supporting them into work.

      We'd like your help to establish a new social enterprise, Little Gate Disability Led Events Management. This will be a new opportunity for adults with learning difficulties to host weddings and events at Little Gate Farm. Participants, supported by our work trainees, will set up and lead events, building up the skills, knowledge and confidence they'll need to eventually run their own business.

      We plan to help more than 20 people with learning disabilities through this project and provide paid employment for up to 10 trainees.

  • Vote

    Thanet Community Development Trust

    • Entrepreneurs in Thanet

      We are Thanet Community Development Trust. Our mission is the relief of poverty among local vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Through our work, we have changed the lives of thousands of people and transformed neighbourhoods forever. We have two main aims: to build better communities and to help people back into work.

      We need your support to start Entrepreneurs in Thanet, helping local people develop the skills they need to start their own businesses and become financially independent. A series of workshops and masterclasses will take them through everything they need to know to start their own business; from building a website and accountancy to managing debt and marketing.

      We will reach at least 40 people through this project.

  • Vote

    Age UK Berkshire

    • Improving finance skills in later life

      We are Age UK Berkshire. We help and support people as they get older with information and advice, befriending, activity classes, computer classes, help at home and dementia support.

      We need your help to deliver financial skills workshops to older people and their carers in Berkshire. Improving financial skills in later life will take the form of six workshops looking at money management and planning, aimed at improving participants' financial knowledge and capabilities and ensuring they enjoy a more comfortable and happy later life.

      We believe that investing in older people and updating their skills will help them to help themselves as they grow older.

  • Vote

    Citizens Advice Rhondda Cynon Taff

    • Money Skills

      We are Citizens Advice Rhondda Cynon Taff. We aim to change people's lives for the better by giving free, confidential and impartial advice. We are passionate, determined and driven in our efforts to provide the best possible service through our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

      We are asking for your funding for our project Money Skills, offering support and training to people who are struggling to manage their finances and at risk of moving into debt. We will ensure that participants will be able to keep track of their money, control their spending, plan ahead and look for the best deals. Through one-to-one support and group training sessions we will improve their confidence about taking action on money matters, improve their levels of income and help them avoid debt.

      We hope to reach nearly 400 people through group and individual sessions, covering banking, budgeting, jobs and employment, saving, accessing affordable credit and debt.

  • Vote

    City Gate Church

    • Startup Salisbury

      We are City Gate Church, a local church community in Salisbury. We use our building, resources and community to inspire people to solve issues within communities through entrepreneurship. Our vision is for Salisbury to be an inspirational city that's known for its social enterprises, young leaders, exciting job opportunities and thriving economy.

      We're asking you to help us Startup Salisbury. We will work with Edventure to deliver a course for unemployed young adults to gain skills, experience and networks to set themselves up as self-employed or start a business.

      Young adults will gain hands-on start-up experience by setting up a community business, working with local businesses or charities. We'll support them with training and mentoring and encourage them to become entrepreneurs. We see social entrepreneurship as a powerful way of solving social and environmental issues whilst having a lasting and sustainable impact.

  • Vote

    Community Action Isle of Wight

    • Trading Up for Change

      We are Community Action IW. We exist to support the 1,500 or more voluntary and community organisations that work so hard for the benefit of the Island and its residents. We aim to support the maintenance and development of community amenities and services, to help the Island have thriving communities where people get involved, help each other, and have access to the services they need.

      We need your help to start our project Trading up for Change. We want to target 60 people living on the island who are long-term unemployed and give them the skills, confidence and strategies to return to work or start their own enterprise. A specialist business adviser will coach participants through the areas that will help them regain confidence and ability, and support them through work experience in retail or fair-trade enterprises on the Island.

      Many of the participants of this course show by the way they manage their difficult lives that they could be very entrepreneurial: we want to harness this and empower them to create their own employment.

  • Vote

    GoConnect Ltd

    • Enterprising Communities

      We are GoConnect and we specialise in enterprise, employability and digital skills training for young people. We believe in helping generate a level playing field to give everyone access to unique and exciting opportunities to identify their aspirations and reach their full potential. We promote cross-sector collaboration and are committed to developing projects and programmes to enable those furthest away from the labour market to engage in positive activities that enhance their employability and boost social mobility.

      We're asking for your help to support and encourage youth enterprise in the most isolated and deprived communities within the South Wales Valleys. Enterprising Communities will take 40 young people most at risk of disengagement through enterprise skills training, offer accreditation for unemployed young people and provide innovative and inspiring activities to improve young people's key skills.

      We hope this project will create job opportunities through enterprise and entrepreneurship and inspire young people to look at both as a potential career path.

  • Vote

    Groundwork Wales

    • Future Steps

      We are Groundwork Wales, a community regeneration charity which supports people living in disadvantaged communities in Wales. We provide local people with training, mentoring support and guidance, volunteering and practical work experience opportunities to enable them to make real changes to their lives, and to the local communities in which they live.

      We'd like your support for our Future Steps project, offering participants financial literacy and competence training and helping them develop the entrepreneurial skills needed to increase employability and success in self-employment.

      Our project will provide disadvantaged individuals with the opportunity to gain a range of accredited qualifications, the opportunity to undertake practical work experiences and to develop the entrepreneurial skills required to embark on a self-employment or social enterprise venture. They'll receive the support and guidance of experienced Groundwork staff as they make real changes to their lives, and to the local communities in which they live.

  • Vote


    • 40:40 Vision

      We are Ffotogallery, the national agency for photography in Wales. We stimulate participation in and wider public engagement with photography and the creative industries through hosting exhibitions and festivals, providing creative studio and digital workspace, developing learning resources and facilitating internships and volunteering opportunities.

      Gaining your funding will allow us to offer 40 young people (aged 16 - 30) places in our new 40:40 Vision Creative Skills Academy, a pathway from entry level work in the creative industries to market readiness as self-employed professionals or small businesses.

      We plan to recruit two cohorts of 20 individuals from diverse, economically disadvantaged communities in South Wales, and through real work experience, training, mentoring, and business development break down perceived barriers to employment in the creative industries. We also want to give participants increased self-confidence, job satisfaction and broader horizons.

  • Vote

    Manage Money Wales CIC

    • Accredited personal money management courses to claimants of Porth Job Centre

      We are Manage Money Wales CIC, a young community interest company, founded in November 2015. We provide financial training, guidance and education to young people and adults. Our mission is to help equip people with the necessary financial knowledge and capabilities they need to manage their financial circumstances effectively.

      We seek your backing for our Manage Money course aimed at helping local long-term unemployed people gain a qualification and improve their financial literacy and capability for better and more effective financial management. We'll focus on 30 claimants from our local Job Centre, who find themselves financially excluded and in a cycle of debt, with low income and low educational qualifications. By delivering an accredited personal money management course, we hope to improve their quality of life and well-being, through less financial stress, better their CVs and therefore employability chances, and create a peer support group with similar minded local individuals.

  • Vote

    Pembrokeshire Citizens Advice Bureau

    • Managing Money Matters

      We are Citizens Advice Pembrokeshire, an independent charity offering free advice and support to over 5,000 members of the community every year, whatever their background or circumstances. We help people tackle issues relating to debt, housing and family problems. Our advice is impartial and confidential, and we value diversity and campaign against injustice.

      We'd like your backing for our project Managing Money Matters, delivering interactive workshops and debt advice for disadvantaged people in Pembrokeshire to increase their skills, maximise their income and improve their lives. We will advise on saving, budgeting, borrowing, reducing everyday costs and avoiding negative financial situations. For those struggling with debt or at risk of debt, we will offer individual advice and support to improve their situations.

      We aim to reach 350 people through our skills workshops and advice sessions, increasing their confidence in managing money and making financial decisions, giving them the knowledge to avoid negative financial situations, and ensuring they are able to get help with money matters.

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    Society of St James

    • Money Wise

      We are the Society of St James (SSJ) helping vulnerable people at crisis point and most in need. We deliver a diverse and innovative range of services to positively impact the lives of 2,500 young people/adults a year who are homeless/at risk of homelessness due to various personal, societal and social factors in their life.

      We'd like your support to help our very vulnerable service users to improve their financial knowledge and management through our Money Wise programme. We'll target 180 of our Southampton-based users over 18 months, delivering a series of specially designed workshops covering the basics of financial management. Most participants will be recovering from substance misuse and suffering from the impacts of their addiction: debt, homelessness, poor credit history, lost wages and missed job opportunities. We want to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle these problems and start on a new path.

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    Swindon Advocacy Movement

    • Money Matters

      We are Swindon Advocacy Movement, a charity at the heart of the Swindon learning disability community. Working with individuals and small groups of adults with learning disabilities, we offer opportunities for people to build their confidence and skills to access mainstream activities and resources. Central to all of our work is giving a voice to people with learning disabilities and working towards a society where everybody is included.

      We want you to help us explain why Money Matters. This project will help people with learning disabilities have a better understanding of money, teach them about budgets, show them how to handle money and save for the future and explain how banks work and how to use them.

      Participants will work at their own pace in an accessible environment. As well as empowering their control over money and strengthening their resolve against exploitation, we want to improve the independence and well-being of those taking part.

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    Torfaen Citizens Advice Bureau

    • Smart About Money

      We are Torfaen Citizens Advice Bureau. We are a problem solving service that helps people get fair treatment and resolve legal, money and other problems. We want to make sure that no one suffers because they don't know what help is out there and how to get it.

      We'd like you to support our initiative Smart about Money. We aim to help people in our most impoverished communities learn how to manage their money more effectively so they can stay in their homes, eat better, heat the house during the winter months and manage when something breaks down or it's time for Christmas.

      We'll share tips, tricks and money saving strategies with 250 families from the Trevethin and St Cadocs & Penygarn area of Torfaen. We want people to be able to recognise the early warning signs of financial trouble and know that help is always at hand.

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    Wiltshire Citizens Advice

    • Your Money Matters

      We are Wiltshire Citizens Advice. We give advice to anyone in Wiltshire who needs it, helping them deal with life's problems by talking about debt, benefits, money, employment, housing and discrimination.

      We want your help with our project Your Money Matters, providing money management advice to low income families and individuals with poor mental health. We plan to help participants manage their money better in two ways: first, one-to-one support and group sessions covering everything from financial and digital confidence to loan sharks and high cost credit; second, peer support for professionals to help them increase their knowledge and confidence in delivering financial advice.

      We hope that by giving people the skills and tools to better manage their money, we'll reduce the levels of debt and distress in their lives. We plan to help 675 individuals and families and 270 professionals across Wiltshire.

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    Youth Options

    • Currency for Life

      We are Youth Options. We believe passionately that every young person has the potential to realise their abilities and aspirations, and to make a valuable contribution to their communities. We are committed to developing young people's social and emotional skills to improve their chances in life. Our services are individually tailored to deliver vibrant, dynamic and ever-evolving opportunities that connect with and inspire young people.

      We'd like your help to improve young people's confidence and ability in financial planning through our 12 week programme Currency for Life. Groups of 12-14 young people will learn about money, budgeting and financial planning by planning, organising and delivering a weekend residential within a given budget. They will get to grips with how to prioritise expenditure, seeking value for money, and negotiating costs per activity.