Funding round:
2017 Round 2


Enterprise Bootcamp

We are Bootstrap. We develop and manage affordable spaces for enterprise and culture, providing support for socially and environmentally enterprising tenants so they can grow into sustainable businesses which contribute to the community. We also use our network to deliver training which increases people’s skills and access to employment.

Your support for our Enterprise Bootcamp project will equip 60 young entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 25 from East London with the tools, networks, support and skills to start up their own enterprises. Participants will be able to develop these skills under one roof. They will gain skills, competency and confidence through accredited enterprise training, and practical experience through work-based learning with local tenant mentors running award-winning businesses. Finally, they will also be introduced to connections and partners, including potential funders.

Receiving this funding will allow us to reach more disadvantaged young people and help to fulfil demand in London for this type of programme.