Funding round:
2018 Round 1


Better money management for ABI survivors

We are Attend. Our mission is to support and expand the vital roles that volunteers play in creating healthy communities. As well as helping voluntary organisations to flourish, we also develop our own volunteering projects, which directly help vulnerable beneficiaries.

Since 2009 we have been working with adults who have an Acquired Brain injury (ABI), helping them reintegrate and come to terms with their new circumstances. Our volunteers listen to them and help them set and move towards life goals.

With the support of the Skills & Opportunities Fund, we will be helping 60 adults with an ABI to improve their financial capability. Better money management for ABI survivors will develop and deliver financial training modules for those with ABI and their carers.

Brain injury can 'hard wire' impulsivity, making survivors much more likely to spend today, regret tomorrow. Together with a lack of awareness (and even denial) of their new circumstances, this disability can be a perfect storm for financial difficulty. We will develop ways to help these vulnerable people to avoid falling into unmanageable debt, making sure that learning is well embedded so that they can stick to budgets and recognise and override impulsive behaviour.