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The Mighty Creatives
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The Mighty Creatives

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We are The Mighty Creatives, a charity giving young people the chance to change through creativity. Established in 2009, we have a strong reputation for facilitating ambitious and innovative cultural education programmes, recognised by, among many others, the Arts Council of England.

We develop and promote creative projects that make a difference to the personal, educational, cultural and social lives of young people across the Midlands. We work where opportunities are limited and the potential for change is most needed. Our arts festival programme EMerge, driven entirely by young people who commission and deliver the events themselves, inspires many young people to become creative entrepreneurs. Our new programme turns inspiration into action.

Now we have your funding we’re looking forward to helping the next generation of creative entrepreneurs kick-start their creative careers with our EMerge Creative Enterprise programme

We’ll deliver tailored support, training and mentoring to enable at least 30 16-25 year olds in deprived communities across the Midlands make their creative business ventures a reality. Our programme will engage those most at risk, harnessing their talent and drive and helping them help themselves and the communities in which they live.