Anglia Care Trust
Funding round:
2018 Round 1
Midlands and East

Anglia Care Trust

Move to Freedom

We are Anglia Care Trust (ACT), a charity that helps people to keep a roof over their heads, to feel safe and be heard. To do this, we provide housing, support, advice, advocacy and mentoring. The people we help come from a broad range of backgrounds, including victims of domestic abuse, children in care, homeless adults, long-term unemployed and offenders seeking to resettle into the community.

Your support in helping people Move to Freedom, will provide financial capability sessions to victims of domestic abuse, who are currently living in a refuge or receiving support from domestic abuse services.

Working with male and female victims of domestic abuse, we’ll help them to understand their finances and the financial situation the perpetrator has created, showing them how to take control of their finances, often for the first time, and how to build their money management skills.

We plan to work with 200 victims of domestic abuse in total, enabling them to learn valuable financial management skills to help rebuild their own lives, as well as those of their children, free from abuse.