Age UK South Lakeland
Funding round:
2017 Round 1

Age UK South Lakeland

Financially Fit for Later Life

We are Age UK South Lakeland. Each year, we provide advice and support to over 7,000 local older people living in poverty, isolation or poor health. Our helpline is a friendly first point of contact and we provide in-depth support to those who need it.

We are delighted to have received support for our Financially Fit for Later Life project. It responds to the fact that many older people struggle to manage their money, especially as more services move online. Over 80% of those we work with don’t use the Internet, can’t access the best utility deals, and don’t know about the Government financial support they may be entitled to.

The funding will let us work with 700 such older people, who are living rurally, on a low income, in poor health and often alone. We will provide 350 of them with one-to-one coaching, helping them to review their finances, to apply for the financial support they’re entitled to, and teaching them how to use the Internet to access cheaper utility deals. The remaining 350 participants will attend ‘Financial Fitness’ roadshows.