Calderdale Wellbeing (Healthy Minds)
Funding round:
2017 Round 1

Calderdale Wellbeing (Healthy Minds)

Money in Mind

We are Calderdale Wellbeing (Healthy Minds), based in Halifax. We are the only independent mental health charity in Calderdale and provide a genuine alternative to statutory mental health services.

The grant we are receiving will support our Money in Mind project. Mental health problems and money worries are strongly connected. Through this project, we aim to improve the financial resilience and capability of disadvantaged people in Calderdale by providing an easy-to-access, coordinated service, with relevant partner agencies offering advice and ongoing bespoke support around debt and money management.

We will put the funding towards the costs of salaries for specialist debt, welfare rights, and employment advice workers, who have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to support people who have mental health problems.

When people feel that they have a team around them, helping to improve their lives, it increases their motivation and their ability to make changes that will last. There is a very high demand for these services and through this project, we expect to be able to work with around 1,225 people over a period of 12 months.