Age UK East Sussex
Funding round:
2017 Round 2
South East

Age UK East Sussex

Benefits Advice and Community Resource Centre

We are Age UK East Sussex, the main charity in the county supporting older people. We aim to promote independence, choice and control for older people in the local area; challenge age discrimination, poverty and social isolation; and promote healthier lifestyles by delivering information, advice, post-discharge hospital support, projects and services.

We are delighted to have received backing for our Benefits Advice and Community Resource Centre, a mobile unit from which we will provide advice to less accessible older people, communities and locations, in a comfortable, friendly environment. We will deliver the support and skills required to manage finances effectively, covering issues such as: maximising income, housing, preparing financially for major life events and the ability to access value-for-money utilities and services.

With this funding in place, we can now employ an Information and Advice Officer, providing support for older people from the Benefits Advice and Community Resource vehicle. The officer will work with 1,000 clients a year providing a free service and impartial advice.