Money Tree - Helping young people manage their money
1625 Independent People
Funding round:
South West and Wales

1625 Independent People

We are 1625 Independent People. Every year we help 1,800 young people aged 16 to 25 who are already homeless or at risk of becoming so, to reboot their lives.

We provide young people with a safe home and a network of people they can trust – including support workers, peers and inspirational mentors. We offer opportunities they’ve never had, to take risks and to get to know their strengths and aptitudes, all whilst playing a positive part in their communities.

Now we have your backing we can deliver our Money Tree project and improve the financial skills and confidence of hundreds of young people who are at risk of homelessness or already homeless.

A co-ordinator will produce a project handbook and train 15 volunteers / peer mentors to work alongside our support staff to provide practical support and informal education around money matters. Areas covered will include opening bank accounts, switching energy providers, working out realistic budgets and applying for grants. Participants will also receive AQA accreditation to boost their CVs and improve their employment prospects.

Securing this funding means we will help 300 young people in the short term, and many more in the long term.