Art Shape
Funding round:
2017 Round 2
South West and Wales

Art Shape

Enterprising Arts

We are Gloucester-based Art Shape and we believe in the power of the arts to change lives. We support people facing barriers to participation such as mental health issues and disability, in their personal and professional artistic development, helping them to reach their full potential.

We are delighted to have received support for Enterprising Arts - a project with two main aims: to support talented artists with barriers to participation to use their creative talents to achieve independence, and to raise awareness of the valuable societal contributions of disabled people.

Receiving this funding will let us set up a creative enterprise hub that will develop, train, support, showcase, celebrate and sell the work and services of 40 emerging creatives. An inclusive space, supportive team and specialist mentoring, will let participants realise their talents into saleable goods and services. In the first year, we will also be able to give a further 20 people access to online support.