Community Action Isle of Wight
Funding round:
2018 Round 1
South West and Wales

Community Action Isle of Wight

Trading Up for Change

We are Community Action Isle of Wight. We exist to support the 1,500 or more voluntary and community organisations that work so hard for the benefit of the Island and its residents. We aim to support the maintenance and development of community amenities and services, to help the Island have thriving communities where people get involved, help each other, and have access to the services they need.

The funding you have provided will help us to start our Trading up for Change project. We will target 60 people living on the Island, who are long-term unemployed and give them the skills, confidence and strategies to return to work or to start their own enterprise. A specialist business adviser will coach participants through the areas that will help them regain confidence and ability, and support them through work experience in retail or fair-trade enterprises on the Island.

The way that many of the potential participants manage their difficult lives indicates that they may have strong entrepreneurial potential; we want to harness this and empower them to create their own employment.